Unsung Hero #92

Great minds think alike.

Alert “06880” reader Peter Bricken emailed: “Charlotte is a great person. She has worked at Balducci’s for 30 years. She is widowed and has no children. She is a cat lover, and remembers my now 30-year-old daughter as if it were yesterday.

“She drives down from Orange 3 days a week. Other employees have tremendous respect and love for her. When we chat, there are other customers always smiling. She is blessed with a temperament that could have placed her in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life” as an angel 😇.”

(Photo/Dallas Kersey)

Equally alert “06880” reader Dallas Kersey wrote just a couple of days later: “I was in Balducci’s today, and was checked out by a lady in her late 70s/early 80s. Her name tag says ‘Charle.’ She has been there packing groceries ever since I’ve been in town — over 25 years.

“She is pleasant, engages with customers and is THE BEST grocery packer I have ever encountered. She’s meticulous about fitting your purchases into a grocery bag.”

Everyone who has ever been in Balducci’s knows Charlotte. Today, everyone knows her as “06880”‘s Unsung Hero of the week!

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17 responses to “Unsung Hero #92

  1. I’ve been meaning to nominate Charlie for quite some time. She is an absolute delight and her smile literally brightens the entire store!

  2. Susan Weingarten

    Charlie is the best!

  3. A treasure!

  4. India Penney

    She is definitely a cutie!

  5. Diane H Silfen

    She is the best. I have enjoyed our many many chats over the years 💕

  6. This is a fine example of exemplary customer experience!

  7. Susan Iseman

    Charlotte is a total sweetheart. She’s a great example of what terrific customer service is & makes shopping at Balducci’s even better!

  8. Louise W Demakis

    She is just wonderful and my favorite Balduccieer.

  9. Rita Corridon

    Love her!

  10. Judyth (Honeycutt) Katz /Compo South

    Charlotte is a real treasure. I’ve considered her a friend for years. She has always noticed when I’ve been away. Once when I was laid up with mobility issues, she welcomed me when I started getting around again. She would express excitement and comment on how much better I was/am walking and looking. I’m always concerned if I don’t see her. I hope if she ever needs help that we can all reach out…and help her. [And, btw, I love that Balducci’s doesn’t age discriminate. Of course she is superb at her job!🌸🌺🌹] Judyth Katz. THANK YOU for this post!

  11. Jana Moorman

    I always get in Charlotte’s line because and she makes my day. I love hearing about her cats. I do worry when I don’t see her for a while. She is also unbelievably strong. I can’t imagi Balducci’s without her !

    • Mary Hoffman

      Me too! I get in Charlotte’s line and when I do not see her, I ask if all is well with Charlotte. She always has a kind word. A very happy post indeed.

  12. David Squires

    We still call it Hay Day & We still Love Charlotte!
    I too will wait in a longer line if she’s in the house!
    Some things in life are worth waiting for!
    A remarkable & noteworthy choice!
    BRAVO & THANKS!!!!!
    Go Charlotte, You Rock….

  13. Annelise McCay

    Absolutely yes! Charlotte is a community treasure. I Look forward to seeing her and always go to her line, I think it is long because so many people enjoy catching up with her.
    She represents community and great friendly customer service, making each customer feel special.

  14. Darryl Manning

    Before Balducci’s and HayDay, Charlotte worked at the Harborview Market in Black Rock when it was a grocery store. My grandmother always shopped there because they carried specialty foods for Scandinavians. Many Westporters now know the Harborview Market as a popular neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot. Charlotte was always pleasant and remembered her customers.

  15. Scott Broder

    Charlie is always smiling, caring and interesting to chat with if there isn’t a line of customers. I’ve know Charlie since the Hay Days Market and she
    Always got a smile to share. Last year I got tickets to the NY Botanical Gardens for her and a friend and she had such a wonderful time. It’s a gift to show appreciation of another person. Next time at our wonderful Balducci’s show your appreciation to this true Westport gem, Charlie.

  16. Kristen at Balducci's

    Charlotte would like to thank all her loyal customers and friends for the many kind comments made. She is truly thrilled!