The Seal: The Sequel

Sure, we posted a couple of images earlier today of a seal basking in the sunlight on the Compo Beach dock.

But that was before our maritime visitor realized it was being photographed.

That’s when he (or she) turned right to the camera.

And turned on the charm.

(Photo/Mike Giunta)

(Hat tip: Bill Kiedaisch)

10 responses to “The Seal: The Sequel

  1. I remember when Chatham on the Cape started getting a few seals and then, many more soon thereafter followed by sharks. Now it’s a huge issue for them as both specifies have situated themselves there. Hopefully, this one seal isn’t an indicator of future issues for Wepo

    • Mark,
      I share your concern. Same thing happened in Salem Harbor too. Now the waters off Marblehead MA (a sailing Mecca just like Wpt) are filled with Great Whites. Given the brackish waters in the Sound I am more concerned by Bull Sharks who are even more aggressive.

  2. Rindy Higgins

    It’s so cute, but please stay back. It’s federal law to stay back 150 feet. Dogs may get curious so please keep them away. There are 4 species in our area: Harbor, Harp, Gray and Hooded so it’s not uncommon, especially during the winter months. Though I’ve called Mystic, this one looks healthy.

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    Thank you, Rindy. I wasn’t sure about the federal protection but knew they are protected by law in Nantucket, and had thus assumed in all of Massachusetts. Didn’t want to be too wrong!

  4. What is the story of the seal? My husband saw spotted it this morning?
    Is it lost?

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s so amazing.

    Wonder if seals “on the dock of the bay” becomes another new normal for the CT coastline? 🤔

  6. So cute!

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  7. Barbara Stephen


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  8. John Krsinski

    I love sharks! This is gonna be great!