Sealing The Deal

In the air and by the sea, Westport is becoming quite the nature center.

Earlier this week, an osprey captured our attention. Now it’s a seal.

Alert “06880” reader/Compo Beach resident Larry Hoy reports that yesterday he was walking his dog Dixie at the end of Roosevelt Road.

Suddenly she turned, walked to the seawall and started sniffing in the direction of the marina.

“She’s a natural hunter,” Larry says. “I knew she smelled something, but I didn’t think there would be by a deer or woodchuck over there.”

He looked closely, and saw a big brown lump on a dock.

Then it moved.

He was fascinated by the seal.

It’s still there today.

(Photos/Peter Armstrong)


7 responses to “Sealing The Deal

  1. Michael Calise


  2. Vanessa Bradford

    There was one recently at sasco hill beach

  3. David Abrams

    An oyster catcher, a seal…. These are examples of fauna we just didn’t see at Compo during the 70’s, 80’s….. This says a great deal about the state of Long Island Sound – or maybe it’s a sign of climate change – who knows.

  4. Bonnie Bradley

    Be careful: they are cute but they bite. Best watch from a distance, enjoy this beautiful creature and leave it alone. In some states (at least in Mass., I
    think) it is against the law to approach or disturb seals.

  5. Rindy Higgins

    Please see my comments on Dan’s “Sequel”…which should have been titled “Sealquel”!!

  6. Bonnie Bradley

    Thank you, Rindy, for clarifying the federal seal protection. I wasn’t sure but knew they are protected by law in Nantucket.

  7. You do understand that where seals show up and reestablish thrmselves, toothy fish aren’t far behind right? This happened in Marblehead/Salrm MA a couple of decades ago. Now those waters are full of great whites. My concern about the Sound is that Bull Sharks are more likely to tolerate the brackish wster