Pic Of The Day #701

Alert “06880” reader John Noble writes:

In Westport visiting my mom from Utah (where I now live), I decided to show some out-of-towners a hill where we used to sled as kids.

Sadly, this was the scene we came upon. The entire place was littered with broken plastic sleds and trash.

I still love my hometown Westport. But this was just ugly all around.

(Photo/John Noble)

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #701

  1. Eleanor Sasso

    What a disappointment!
    Can’t the school kids clean up up the mess?

  2. Michael Haydn

    sort of, ditto.

  3. Missy Targos

    That’s an embarrassment. We know better. And teach our children to clean up after themselves/ourselves. Apparently we’re lacking.

  4. Carolyn Doan

    Oh my goodness! I haven’t been by there to see it but this is horrible!  On Saturday my son and I started a service project for Sunday school. He needs to complete 5 hours of community service so we offered to pick up trash at various parks.  We walked from our house (off of Valley Rd.) down to the beach with the idea of picking up trash at the beach.  We filled two trash bags just on the walk down. It was overwhelming. Gatorade bottles, mini liquor bottles, lots of Dunkin Donuts cups and lids, dog poop bags with contents, metal soda cans. I couldn’t believe how much there was along Greens Farms Road and South Compo.  Does stuff blow out of the garbage trucks? Do people just throw it out the window? I kept adking myself this along the way. 

  5. Richard Fogel

    There is garbage all around our athletic fields and school parking lots.

    • And downtown, and in the commuter parking lots.

      Plenty of garbage comes from kids — all those water bottles at athletic fields. Plenty comes from parents too — coffee cups and newspapers and discarded dog poop bags. And those sleds didn’t just land there at Greens Farms. Parents brought their kids there. It’s a problem created by everyone, for everyone.

  6. Charles Taylor

    Wow. We were taught to pick up after our selves! Sad indeed.

  7. Sad as this is clearly just leaving broken items where they broke instead of going through the hassle of taking them home and disposing. On a “clean-up” note, Parks & Rec will be running the annual clean-up day on Saturday, April 13th. You will start seeing advertising in the next couple of weeks.

  8. Dave Feliciano

    I guess it’s a form of “White Privilege” or over privileged, in that these folks didn’t bring their staff to clean up for them.

    The opposite is that on “service days” in church we clean up slum and charitable organizations sites. I guess we are not so different at all.

  9. Susan Iseman

    Sadly, litter is everywhere – plastic, paper and glass items easily disposed of if one takes the time. I am especially disgusted by cigarette butts – why don’t smokers use their car ashtrays?

  10. Barbara Paver

    Greens Farms Elementary School