Your Car Will Be Ready For Pickup Soon

The classic old cars at Dragone Motorcars have been replaced by merely old cars.

Or, — to use the popular ridiculous euphemism — “pre-owned.”

As “06880” reported in November, Carvana is the new tenant on Post Road West. That’s the Arizona-based used car dealer selling entirely online.

Customers search for, finance and trade in their old vehicles all through the website. They can inspect any vehicle — inside and out — with 360-degree views.

Carvana offers nationwide delivery, or the option to pick up a vehicle at one of their “car vending machine locations.”

So far there are just a couple of cars and flatbed trucks on site. All bear the Carvana logo.

No sign yet of a “vending machine” tower.

(Hat tip: Dick Lowenstein)

5 responses to “Your Car Will Be Ready For Pickup Soon

  1. Hi Dan – my name is Ira Platt and I am a Westport resident and a member of the Carvana Board of Directors. I am writing to provide some insight as to what is going on with the space but please note that I do not speak on behalf of the Company and won’t be taking questions. Carvana is using the space as a delivery hub, where 9 car haulers on scheduled daily routes will drop vehicles purchased by customers in the Fairfield County area for last mile delivery on Carvana custom single car haulers. The lease term is limited because Carvana intends to build a Vending Machine on I-95 once it has located an appropriate parcel of land to acquire and obtained necessary permitting. Hope this helps answer any speculation.

  2. And when a “Carvana car” breaks down within a waranty period(assuming there IS one) where does the foolish(?) purchaser go to get repair… there a vending machine of mechanics?

    • Michael Calise

      Probably a network of private mechanics/service centers; similar to AAA Towing