Photo Challenge #218

If Westport has too much of anything — besides people who don’t think the rules of the road apply to them — it’s rules of the road.

Like stop signs.

Every few feet, we (are supposed to) stop. It’s the law.

But, as alert “06880” reader and longtime Greens Farms resident Mary Ann Meyer noticed, there’s at least one place in Westport where only one set of drivers stops. Cross traffic breezes by.

Her photo (click here to see) was last week’s Photo Challenge. It shows the Hillandale/West Parish Road intersection, just west of Greens Farms Congregational Church.

Beth Handa, Mary Maynard, Tom Lowrie, Eve Potts and Lawrence Zlatkin all nailed it.

But there were plenty of other guesses. The spectacularly confusing Weston Road/North Main Street/Weston Road/Easton Road intersection; Clinton Avenue (near Ford Road); Roseville Road (at both Whitney Road and Cross Highway), and Newtown Turnpike/Woodcock Lane were all possible candidates.

Be careful out there.

This week’s Photo Challenge was taken a couple of weeks ago. It may be hard to remember, but it did snow once or twice this winter. Westport was — briefly — a wonderland.

If you know where you would have seen this scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #218

  1. The beauty of Westport is that this could have been taken in a variety of locations. I am going to guess it’s the Aspetuck River parallel to Coleytown Road beyond the Newmans.

  2. Barbara Greenspan

    Ford Road in Coleytown!

    • Actually, Ithink Barbara has the more likely location because there is a bridge over a spot in the Aspetuck where it becomes more narrow off of Ford Road. I don’t think there is a bridge over the river in the Newman Poses Preserve.

      • Jean Marie Wiesen

        There is a bridge just after the Newman Poses reserve. It’s being worked on. I took a photo here, years ago and there’s a large rock on the right. I believe Barbara’s correct – appears to be Ford Rd.

  3. Jean Marie Wiesen

    Stop signs don’t have the same message anymore. Most believe they’re intended as a, pause, while others seem to interpret them as merely, slow down. It’s a pleasure when everyone stops and takes turns 🙂

  4. Barbara is correct: Ford Road. One of the most scenic spots in Westport — and that’s saying something!

  5. Peter Barlow

    That’s a terrific photo! Could be lots of places I once knew. Note the tree at the top going all the way across.

  6. Patty Graves

    At the base of Ford Road you can still park and launch your kayak to paddle down to Lees Pond, short paddle but a different perspective to enjoy
    Behind the scenes on the water. Thanks for the peaceful winter photo.

  7. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Late to the conversation but one of my favorite places in Westport. Used to love to walk there and wade in the river. The area of full of history as well as beauty.

  8. Rebecca Ellsley

    This is just outside my parents house the Logcabin on the river. Our big picture bay window looks right at it and up the Saugatuck river (ford road across the river is the street.) yes it’s beautiful we have been here for 42 years and still enjoy it everyday.

    • I run canoe paddles past your parents home every week in the summer with elementary schoolers. We love to listen to the classical music that we can sometimes hear being played as we paddle by (and try not to be too loud!). Always admired what a perfect spot for a house that is!

  9. Rebecca Ellsley

    Jaime it is a wonderful spot. The home was chosen to be placed there when it was the original hunt club on over 300 acres that went all the way down to glen denning. This bend of the river goes past the house. And we have amazing views right up and down the river.

  10. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Beautiful photo!
    Wonderful long-ago summer memories of our riding bikes down Lyons Plains Rd,crossing Weston Rd. then into Ford Rd..& wading in the river..My mom would drive then there & we’d feed the ducks, there sometimes..& then drive back home.

  11. Andrew Colabella

    Ford Road!

    • Andrew Colabella

      This is also taken from the bridge to enter the lower lot of Bridgewater. I’ve taken so many photos from there but especially walking out on to the rocks sticking out to stand in the middle and get the perfect down stream shot.