Photo Challenge #217

Two weeks ago, our Photo Challenge showed a jetty. It could have been anywhere in Westport — but it was on Saugatuck Shores.

Last week, we posted another waterfront scene. This one — of a mechanical contraption — was a lot less familiar than the jetties. In fact, it stumped everyone.

Except Fred Cantor.

He correctly placed it at Sherwood Island State Park.

As Dave Wilson — who took the photo (click here to see) — explains:

The structure is located inside the Sherwood Island property. It’s behind the maintenance building which is to the right, a few hundred yards near the park entrance. It faces to the west.

Its purpose (so I was told by the head of SI maintenance) is to measure the quality of air coming our way from NYC. He told me there are other units stationed around the area, but I don’t know if he meant Westport or other nearby towns. It’s Managed by the state of Connecticut ( I think).

The only way you would know the unit is there is if you worked at SI or you took a walk off the beaten track and happened upon it. It’s actually 50-100 yards off the back maintenance road and visible, but not a standout unless you walk closer. It just looked very very strange and at first it seemed to be a generator. But then why there, away from everything?

So I wandered into the nearby building, with an open door, ran into head dude (a Staples grad class of ’85 with last name of Frawley who said he has been there since high school days) and asked away.

At first glance, this week’s Photo Challenge seems crazy.

(Photo/Mary Ann Meyer)

Westport is swimming in stop signs. Who could identify this one?

But Mary Ann Meyer — who took the shot — notes, “This is only a 2-way stop. Traffic does not stop going past it.”

She thinks this is the only one of its kind in town.

Is it true? If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below. We’ll find out soon if you’re right — and whether Mary Ann is too.

33 responses to “Photo Challenge #217

  1. Roseville road

  2. The death triangle at daybreak

  3. North Avenue at Long Lots.

  4. Michael Calise

    on Newtown Turnpike

  5. Michael Calise

    At the intersection of Woodcock

  6. Robert Mitchell

    Newtown Turnpike – Woodcock Lane

  7. Intersection of Main Street and Weston Road, as you drive on Main Street to the Merritt.

  8. Arline Gertzoff

    Newtown Turnpike.I guess people got hit coming out of Wood cock road so they put in a stop sign

  9. It is the stop sign right before the entrance to the New Haven bound Merritt Pwky. Traffic in the lane coming towards you does not have to stop. The only problem with this is for the drivers coming from Main Street, also going towards the Pwky, who might be anticipating that oncoming traffic will stop.

  10. Hillandale and West Parish

  11. Roseville?

  12. Dennis Stahursky

    Roseville at Cross Highway

  13. Jay Tormey '66

    Cross Highway and Weston Road

  14. Clapboard & Maple?

  15. Clinton Ave
    Going westbound as you cross over the Merritt the stop sign appears. Then the paved road is grated going down hill.
    The road then goes back to regular pavement and then a slight curve it turns to Ford Rd.
    The reason for the grated road and stop sign was to slow people down on the narrow curvy hill. They’re was accident there that claimed the life of a fellow in his late teens (early twenties). It was a one car accident hitting the tree. The drive survived. Unfortunately, the passenger didn’t survive their injuries. The tree survived and still stands today. The mark from the accident is almost gone. Tree grew around the wound. The parents wanted all the trees cut down along the side of the road here and other places. The police investigation was conducted and speed was a factor down the steep curvy road. The town said no to cutting down of all the trees. That whole stop sign and grated roads reminds me of what happened that day. It happened long before online newspapers and this blog were born. It happened back in the 1990’s. I’m still trying to find the article.

    • I was sort of right in the area placement wrong

      • Yes. I saw your comment. I knew what you were referring too. It’s actually on top of the hill just past the Merritt bridge and Guard Hill Rd.

      • Rich
        We were on the wrong side of town. The sign is on south side of Westport.

  16. On Weston Road, just after the intersection with Easton Road?

  17. Wesr Parish and HIllandale

  18. Andrew Colabella

    Roseville Road

  19. Lawrence Zlatkin

    The sign has “Merrit” on it, but there is a two way stop sign on Hillandale and West Parish, which is very dangerous because it follows a number of other 4 way stops on HIllandale trhough the rest of Greens Farms (Church, Center, Morningside, Turkey Hill).

  20. Hillandale and West Parish

  21. I say that Hillandale and West Parish is correct and as Lawrence Zlatkin points out, it is very dangerous since it changes the pattern of other 4 way stops on Hilandale.

  22. Cathy Smith Barnett '66

    Hillandale and Morningside

  23. I am not aware of any other symmetrical intersection that has a stop sign with the added signage “CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP”.

  24. Newtown and Woodcock

  25. Beth Handa, Mary Maynard, Lawrence Zlatkin, Tom Lowrie and Eve Potts are correct: Hillandale and West Parish. But, as many readers note above, it’s not the only intersection like it in town.

  26. Robert Mitchell

    Newtown and Woodcock – sign says “Oncoming traffic does not stop”, not “Cross traffic”.

    • Perhaps the sign says “Oncoming” since it is only a 3 way intersection and not a 4 way intersection.