Photo Challenge #216

You don’t get more “Westport” than last week’s Photo Challenge.

Michael Tomashefsky’s image showed rocks, a jetty and water. It’s a scene we see all over town — from Frost Point on Beachside Avenue and nearby Burying Hill Beach, to Sherwood Island, Schlaet’s Point and Compo.

Those were some of the guesses. Others ranged further afield: Cockenoe, and Canfield/Sprite Island. John McCarthy was somewhat correct, but not quite precise enough, when he suggested “somewhere near the water.”

The first winner was Diane Silfen. She knew that this photo was taken at the end of Canal Road, off Saugatuck Shores. That’s a part of Westport that many residents may not be familiar with.

But — like so many other spots in town — it offers stunning, and ever-changing, water views. (Click here for the photo, and all the guesses.)

Caitlin Engle checked in later, calling it one of Westport’s “hidden gems.”

There’s a bit of water in this week’s Photo Challenge too. If you know where in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Dave Wilson)

4 responses to “Photo Challenge #216

  1. Sherwood Island?

    • Yes! Very impressive, Fred. Here’s the back story from the photographer (and your fellow Staples soccer alum), Dave Wilson:

      “The structure is located inside the Sherwood Island property. It’s behind the maintenance building which is to the right, a few hundred yards near the park entrance. It faces to the west.

      “Its purpose (so I was told by the head of SI maintenance) is to measure the quality of air coming our way from NYC. He told me there are other units stationed around the area, but I don’t know if he meant Westport or other nearby towns. It’s Managed by the state of Connecticut ( I think).

      “The only way you would know the unit is there is if you worked at SI or you took a walk off the beaten track and happened upon it. It’s actually 50-100 yards off the back maintenance road and visible, but not a standout unless you walk closer. It just looked very very strange and at first it seemed to be a generator. But then why there, away from everything ?

      “So I wandered into the nearby building, with an open door, ran into head dude (a Staples grad class of ’85 with last name of Frawley who said he has been there since high school days) and asked away.”

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Old mill pond Sherwood island side overlooking towards Grove Point Road.