Parker Harding Garbage Dump Continues

A few merchants have promised to crack down on employees’ misuse of the Parker Harding dumpsters.

Not enough, apparently.

This was the scene this afternoon, a few feet from the beautiful river in what is supposed to be a proud part of our downtown retail experience.

(Photo/Mary Ann Mayo)

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

Note the sticker warning of a fine on the dumpster in the closeup above.

I’m as  tired of posting photos like these as you are of seeing them.

So here’s a challenge to “06880” readers: Stake out the place. Take a photo of any asshats you see tossing garbage next to the dumpster. Follow them to their place of business. Take another photo. Then send the photo to

We can’t let this garbage continue.

33 responses to “Parker Harding Garbage Dump Continues

  1. The area should be under video surveillance. Start with a sign.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    It appears that the compactor/dumpster (whatever it is) is insufficient for the volume of trash generated. What is being done about that?

  3. Isn’t it the DMA that’s supposed to be policing their dumpsters and their merchants’ use (or abuse) of them? We shouldn’t have to put up with this BS.

  4. Jacque O'Brien

    It seems that what was there before was better than this “improvement.” This is ridiculous!

  5. Michelle Benner

    So gross. I’m not shopping in the stores along Parker Harding until this stops.

  6. Cristina Negrin

    Is the compactor just not big enough to accommodate the trash? Seems like a Sunday problem. Pick up more often?

  7. Looks to me the need a bigger or a second compacter!! Why not installing a camera so they can identify and enforce the penalties to the guilty parties!!

  8. How can they toss the garbage to compactor/dumpster ? It has a Padlock on it ? ! Who holds the key to the dumpster ?

  9. The problem can’t continue. The DMA wanted this so they should police it. Is it a capacity issue or the management of the stores don’t really care. A camera system would be a cheap resolution and the DMA should pay for it. The DVR from the cameras should only be downloaded when needed by the police department

  10. At least some of this does not look like commercial garbage. Take a look: the spilled trash looks much more like household waste that somebody dumped where it does not belong. The opened white bag is a standard kitchen trash bag. The trash seems to include banana and orange peels, Trader Joe’s dog food, a wine bottle, a baggage tag to Bradley airport, and more that would not ordinarily be expected in a downtown store. Are we sure we can blame the merchants for all of this?

  11. I think this is a commentary on the incompetence of corporate chain store management, and also on the platitudes of commercial landlords who insist everything is absolutely fantastic — and getting better and better every day!

  12. I’m surprised there wasn’t an illegally parked BMW or Mercedes in there somewhere. If there were it would probably be disregarded by the local enforcement establishment..

  13. More garbage than shoppers…
    Camera surveillance and a $5000 fine
    Problem solved
    That the town can solve this problem is frightening

  14. This is just to much! Disgusting!

  15. I think Iain has hit onto something. Do we know for a fact that this garbage is being dumped during the day? Could it be someone dumping their household trash at night? It’s not a very appealing thought, but if someone went through the garbage they may find a clue (i.e. an envelope with a name or address on it?

  16. I could be wrong but if you zoom in on the blue can in the second photo I think it’s an empty can of Trader Joe’s dog food. Could it be that some people rather than driving to the town dump are dumping their bags of garbage in Parker Harding?

  17. Where does a comment about a BMW and a Mercedes Benz fit into this discussion. A focus on the problem is what is needed.

  18. I agree with some of the other comments that this appears to be household waste as evidenced by the red plastic cup (used often for parties) and other items. Happened occasionally at my former office on the Post Road- we’d see folks dumping garbage in the dumpster by folks who were not tenants in the building.

  19. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    If there is a store in the vicinity of this dumpster that has a security camera
    and shows who is dumping.
    Be discreet and show it to the Westport Police Department and the First selectman. This should stop the trashing.
    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    • Ya because the police have nothing better to do than ID someone for leaving garbage next to a full trash compactor and writing warrants for it

  20. What do the merchants across the street do with their garbage? We don’t see this same mess behind their places of business.

  21. In reference to comments about household trash, there are several apartments/condos nearby – some above Pottery Barn and in the former Klaffs building. I’m sure there are additional places of residence on Main St.

  22. Some of the so called household trash could be coming from the apartments above a few stores that are on Main Street .. Needless to say it’s way out of hand , and installing a few camera’s may solve this issue ….

  23. I dont think this is an issue of capacity. It looks more like the compactor is being locked (note the padlock), preventing merchants from dumping “after hours.” I dont remember when the other pictures were posted, but maybe it is indeed a Sunday issue. It’s also clear that the seagulls prefer residential garbage. It’s one thing to have the bags piled up, but the crap all over the place is ridiculous. Chip, too bad you didn’t catch the name on that BDL luggage tag.

  24. Karl S. Taylor

    In response to Alan Goldberg’s question, I was equating the possibility of the local authorities dealing with this matter like they do with the overly possessive drivers who take up multiple spaces for their out-sized, very expensive cars. Slim to none.

    • Our town sat idly by while Marpe slaughtered the “local authorities” retirement/benefits and you expect them to proactively issue parking tickets? LOL I don’t blame them for not wanting to lift a finger for us

      • Dermot Meuchner

        Then they should quit. Do the job or resign. They seem to have no problem stopping people of color who drive through this town so a little garbage control should be easy peasy.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Ray-your post is wrong and not factually true. Too bad you and others just want to try and bankrupt Westport and drive CT further into the fiscal mess. All you want is more and more for you, no matter the costs.

        Bart Shuldman

  25. Here’s an idea wirh perhaps more immediate results: Go to the source! Take a photo, follow an employee back to their business and ask to speak to the store/shop manager/owner. Ask THAT person to do something about the messy refuse issue. Bruce Salvo

  26. Dan-who runs the Downtown Merchants Assoc who is in charge of the the dumpster? The dumpster does not work and some of the employees who work in the stores and are Westport residents are not happy with your attacks.

    Bart Shuldman

    • The people who work in the stores should ask their employers who the best contact is with the DMA!

      • Dan-it’s the merchants association you should blame. And who are they? The dumpster does not work and it’s not the employees fault. Local residents work in some of those stores and are as frustrated as you are, but it’s not THEIR fault.

        Why not call out who is in charge?