Pic Of The Day #678

California? Costa Rica? No — Sherwood Island State Park, yesterday. (Photo/Marcia Falk)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #678

  1. George Carlin is better than looking at garbage

  2. Another chukka anyone?

  3. Horses on the beach? Seems a bit unsanitary – when the horses relieve themselves on the beach (and inevitably, they will), who cleans this up? Doesn’t seem like these riders are prepared to get off their horses and clean up the mess. Fast forward 3 months when we are enjoying the beach – who wants to be sitting on or near this? Seems like animals like this need to be banned from the beach.

    • The interesting part is when the water washes up over the horse feces, it breaks it up into thousands of small pieces and spreads it all over the beach!! Happy Swimming

    • Jennifer E Rankine

      The riders using the beach are very conscientious about cleaning up. They bring a muck bucket and pitch fork in their trailers. No different than dogs on the beach other than requiring a bucket over a baggie. There is a strict set of rules about riding on the beach, and the riders take them very seriously. It is nice to see horses and riders alike enjoying a nice run on the beach.

  4. horse manure is not dangerous. It does not spread disease to humans. Three quarters of its weight is water. One less thing to worry about.

  5. Thankfully most horse owners are responsible. It must delightful to ride the beach. It is the Geese that are the irresponsible visitors at Sherwood Island.