Burger Kings

Sure, tomorrow is the first day of March. We will turn an important corner on our long, dark, snowless winter.

But tomorrow is special for another reason: It’s the first day of the Great Westport Burger Contest.

The perhaps-not-long-awaited-but-certainly-hungered-for event follows last year’s equally tasty (and also Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce-sponsored) Pizza Contest. (There were 8 categories — just like the 8 slices in a pie. Click here for the winners.)

All month long, 18 burger-making restaurants will compete in 7 categories:

  • Best Classic Burger
  • Best Cheeseburger
  • Best Gourmet Burger
  • Best Veggie Burger
  • Best Non-Beef Burger (fish, turkey, lamb…)
  • Best Fast Food Burger
  • Best Slider

Each restaurant can enter up to 4 categories. But — in a nod to today’s no-one-really-loses culture — no restaurant can win more than twice.

The restaurants are Amis, Black Duck, Border Grille, Dunville’s, Harvest, Jesup Hall, Jr’s, Little Barn, Match Burger, McDonald’s, Parker Mansion, Rothbard Ale + Larder, Rye Ridge Deli, Shake Shack, Spotted Horse, Tarry Lodge, Tavern on Main and Viva Zapata.

(If you wonder why Five Guys is not on that list: So do I.)

Residents have through March 31 to visit the venues, enjoy the offerings, then go to the Chamber’s Burger Contest page to vote via cellphone or online.

Feel free to post photos online, using the hashtag #greatwestportburger.

Winners will be announced April 1. No fooling.

Fun fact: Tomorrow at noon, 1st Selectman Jim Marpe proclaims March “Westport Burger Month.” The lunch-hour ceremony takes place at Tavern on Main. When I think “burgers,” I don’t automatically think of that restaurant. But — as Pope Francis famously said — “Who am I to judge?”

23 responses to “Burger Kings

  1. Today is February 28th…Are you still using the Gregorian Calendar?…

  2. Today is…what?

  3. Thanks Dan. As for 5 Guys – I think they missed the point of the contest, as a great promotion. The regional manager said, “we don’t do things like this.”

    But McDonald’s is in. Hats off to their management for wanting to be part of the community.

    Now everyone get out there and eat burgers and VOTE!!!!!

  4. Jill Turner Odice

    It’s still Feb 28th here in Maine 🙂

  5. Wish we could still include Big Top!

  6. John D - nickelcouch39@yahoo.com

    Flipside Burger in Fairfield??? How is that not in there?

  7. Robert Mitchell

    I, for one, do automatically think ‘burger’ when I think of Tavern on Main.

  8. Dennis Stahursky

    Big Top, Chubby Lanes and Crest. What more would you need?

  9. Is AOC going to be invited to judge the competition?

  10. So sorry Bogey’s closed. They would have won, hands down. I believe at one time they won “Best Burger in Connecticut.”

  11. I hope that, for Match Burger’s sake, it wins the top prize.

  12. Duck Dunville’s Viva

  13. John D McCarthy

    Patty Melt at Rothbard’s is quite good

  14. Susan Iseman

    Lobster burger at Match Burger/Lobster in Saugie! It’s a special, but should be on the menu!!! Great for us non meat eating lobstah lovers.

  15. Best burger in town is at Terrian – Why are they not competing?

  16. Daniel Craig

    Best Burger is Bar Lupa Westport. Too bad it’s not on the list.

    All are very good The Duck is like the old Ships restaurant

  17. James Mullen

    Tarry Lodge has a burger? Never saw it on the menu