You Can’t Make This Garbage Up!

Good news! The trash compactor in Parker Harding Plaza is up and running.

Bad news! Although the old garbage dumpsters were removed last night, some lazy, entitled dipshit deposited heaps of garbage in the exact spot where they used to be.

Yes, that’s the compactor there in the background.

But great news! When some poor volunteer from the Westport Downtown Merchants Association — or a good-hearted citizen — moves the trash a few yards away to where it should be, all they have to do is rummage through to find out which store or restaurant thinks this is a cool thing to do.

Then email We’re happy to let our 10,000 readers know whose garbage this is.

13 responses to “You Can’t Make This Garbage Up!

  1. Great idea? Do you think it will do any good? Maybe you should also start listing the “poor parkers” that take extra parking slots that local gendarmes can’t seem to ticket?

  2. My guess is it didn’t come from any tenant in Parker Harding but brought in from outside and prob has been doing it for a long time

  3. aside from the fact this is disgusting & irresponsible … this is littering & the businesses should get fined.

    And what a great way to lure raccoons & rodents , etc

  4. Schlotsky Schular

    How could you be that inconsiderate and negligent in throwing away garbage that’s part of your job? That waste gets blown around in the wind, run over by vehicles and ends up in the river where it’s consumed by wildlife and breaks down into the soil.

    You’re right Dan, they are a dipshit.

  5. Jill Turner Odice

    Call Officer Obie, if he could find Arlo Guthrie’s envelope at the bottom of a half a ton of garbage…he will figure it out 🙂

  6. Excellent!! 👍🏻

  7. Jill Turner Odice

    Call Officer Obie! If he could find Arlo Guthrie’s name on an envelope under a ton of Garbage, he will figure it out 🙂

  8. Dan and others. I zoomed in on the photo. Produce boxes and a bakery box.
    One says avocados (red and green) and the other tomatoes. The bakery box says ‘Rockland Bakery’ and another white one on the far right partial ‘Tito’s Handmade…’
    I’m on my phone maybe those who are on their full screen desktops computers might be able to zoom in make out the other names on the other items.
    Put on our private investigator hats near and far 🔎🔎🔍🔍 to solve the case. 😎

  9. And they sped away in a red VW Microbus…

  10. Maybe the dumpster was overflowing and this is what remained? Anyway, anyone see a red VW microbus speeding away from the scene…????

  11. Jennifer Rosenwald

    Loving all the sleuths going to work on finding out…and outing!!…the bad citizen. Am following to find out!

  12. It looks like its from a Restaurant , due to the produce boxes etc .. Someone needs to do a little searching , so they can be Embarrassed or perhaps a little Fine for illegal Dumping ??

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