Parker Harding Garbage: The Sequel

This morning’s post –showing garbage where the dumpster once sat in Parker Harding Plaza, just a few yards away from the finally-working compactor — drew plenty of comments from readers.

And this email from Scott Martin:

I own the Rye Ridge Deli. Someone sent me the pic of the garbage by the compactors.

That is a mix of garbage from various tenants there. A couple of those boxes are ours: the bacon, avocados and Rockland bakery.

I just spoke to a number of my employees who take garbage out at night and during the day. Last night, the compactors were completely filled and overflowing. Everything was stuffed in them to the top. They would not compact any more.

The mess this morning. The dumpster — across from the compactors — is no longer there.

Maybe they were a day late picking up due to the holiday. We are not sure. But when they come to remove the compactors it seems they cannot drive away with them overflowing so they knock it out, and when they return from the dump or wherever they take the trash they fill it back with what was knocked out.

There have been many occasions since the compactors have been installed with them not functioning at all. I guess the kinks are being worked out back there.

Going forward my guys have been instructed to let myself or a manager know when there is this sort of mess back there. Rather then leaving it for someone else to find, we can call City Carting to address it or figure out a better way rather than leaving that mess.

Those compactors are great, better than regular dumpsters, as long as they work (which is not always the case). I have been dealing with them for years in my other locations.

I just got off the phone with Scott. He apologizes for his guys leaving a mess. Nice to know he contacted “06880” to take responsibility.

As he notes though, only a small portion of the garbage is his. The hunt continues.

4 responses to “Parker Harding Garbage: The Sequel

  1. Thanks for the picture of a young Arlo 🙂

  2. This would never never never happen on the back streets of Greenwich. Why does it have to happpen here? Te answer is not the ANSWER. IT’S SIMPLY POOR DESIGN AND+ BUREAUCRACY.

  3. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    I witnessed something like this last Friday. There were two dumpsters to the far right of the new compactors. Apparently the garbage had been picked up, but there were about 15 bags left on the ground between the dumpsters. The seagulls were going at it, pulling the bags open, and dragging some of it onto the roadway beside the Saugatuck River. Since I saw that as a danger to the cars, I contacted Westport Parks and Rec, who sent someone over to Parker Harding to solve the problem – for that day, anyway. Clearly, there is an ongoing issue here that needs to be resolved!

  4. The Dma is trying to take care off it and the town thanks collen and the town the business have to step up more but I also thank all the business that do police themselves I someone that lives downtown walks there all the time