Unsung Hero #84

Ana Rogers grew up in Westport. For the past 11 years she’s owned a dog-walking business. Something happened at Winslow Park a few weeks ago that she thought deserved mention on “06880.” It sure does! Ana writes:

I was on my last walk of the day, with 5 of my most well-behaved dogs. Winslow Park was almost empty.

I bumped into Mike Greenberg and his German shepherd, Luna. Mike grew up in Westport, and designs and builds beautiful houses. (He’s not to be confused with the other Mike Greenberg, the sports broadcaster and writer, whose dog I happened to be walking.)

Mike the builder and I don’t know each other well. But he’s good friends of a friend of mine. We decided to do a loop around the trails together.

It was a cold day. The dogs were frisky and playful.

German shepherds — and labs, and every other kind of dog — love Winslow Park. (Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

Halfway around the loop, a golden retriever I was walking ran from behind me, and clipped my right side. My feet went out from under me, and I put out my right arm to break my fall.

The impact jammed all my weight into my elbow. I knew right away something was terribly wrong.

The dogs also sensed it. One licked my face as I lay on the ground.

Mike tried to help me up several times, but I felt like I was going to faint. This went on for 20 minutes. No one passed us the entire time.

Finally, I was able to stand. Mike helped me back to my car. He suggested I call the owners to come pick up their dogs. But no one was home.

Mike Greenberg

Mike realized he could not leave me there. I was in shock, and unable to drive. So he loaded the dogs in my car, and added his to the group.

We dropped the 5 dogs off: one by Clinton Avenue, then over to Marion Road, then toward the beach on Grove Point.

When the last dog was dropped off, Mike took me to Norwalk Hospital. I had 2 broken bones in my elbow. I’m in a splint for 6 weeks, then physical therapy.

I know Mike had other plans that afternoon — I heard him cancel some appointments.

The entire ordeal took a few hours.  But the entire time Mike was cheerful, trying to distract me from my pain and distress.

I don’t know what I would have done if Mike Greenberg hadn’t been there. He was my guardian angel — and  my unsung hero.

15 responses to “Unsung Hero #84

  1. Vivianne Pommier

    I am glad Mike was there.. and hope you have a speedy recovery –
    Mike (and his parents, that I grew up with, and rest of the family) are wonderful

  2. Michael Vitelli

    Great story.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keeps my faith in humanity.

    Kudos to Mike.
    I hope I’d be as caring if situation arose.

  3. Julie Fatherley

    We need more Mike’s out there….people who are willing to take the time
    ignoring the demands on them to reach out to each other.
    Great kudos to Mike…please clone yourself…Julie Fatherley

  4. What a wonderful story!! Thanks all for sharing, and i hope you recover quickly Ana!

  5. Mike is NOT an unsung Here — he is a sung hero! mmm

  6. Mike is a great guy! As I read this article Dan I thought of all those call boxes you see on college campuses. I don’t walk in Winslow because I don’t have a dog but maybe there could be a call box installed somewhere inside the park.

  7. Wow. I didn’t know your
    fall was that severe. Hopefully you can continue your dog walking soon because you are by far the best walker at Winslow.. I look forward to escorting you!

  8. Sandra Simandi

    Thanks for sharing your story always good to have another person with you when walking dogs

  9. Peggy O’Halloran

    I see Ana frequently at Winslow. So sorry to learn of her mishap but so pleased to have it confirmed that dog owners are caring people. You are really a very kind hero, Mike!

  10. Thanks for sharing this uplifting (except for your poor elbow) story and we hope you heal quickly! Those of us acquainted with him know Mike isn’t just a talented architect – he’s a knight in shining armor!

  11. I was knocked down from behind as there two large dogs who were out of control. There is no designated area for small dogs like my own. The owner looked down at me on the ground staring at the sky and said ”my dog never did that before” Stunned, I went home and iced the back of my head. You cannot turn your back must be aware of your surroundings. Beware of risk when your dog is off leash.
    If there are too many dogs, it is not safe as some owners are not watching closely enough to avoid this type of incident.
    Caution and diligence can save your life.
    Your experience was a wake up call for all of us with dogs.
    This man is an earth angel, bless him for caring.

  12. Ana Rogers is the very best at what she does; and anyone who has walked with Ana quickly sees that she’s caring, highly skilled, & amazingly gifted with dogs. I’ve witnessed out of control client dogs who become obedient in just a few days under Ana’s care. If there was a profession where one needs eyes behind your head, this is it.

    Well done Mike! I’d like to also say, Well done Ana! Not too many people would take the time to publicly write a such a nice thank-you, good deed recognition note. An uplifting story for sure. Heal quickly Ana, and ask for help if you need it. We’re a caring community if we’re anything.

    Finally, Our dog Wilson is always “over-the-moon” when Ana comes to take him for an adventure, yours will be also. Ana didn’t include her website in her letter. That’s just like her, but I will; http://www.barkwestport.com

  13. Ana,

    Sorry to learn this story; I had no idea this
    injury occurred. Thank goodness for the kind humanity of Mike Greenberg👍🏼
    So glad you’re alright and recovered!

  14. Alan Phillips

    Anna is the best. Let’s hope for an easy and speedy recovery.
    Thanks Mike for your act of kindness.

  15. Michelle Strateman

    I don’t know Mike…. I may never meet him, but I love him.