Students Build On Women’s March; Local Event Set For Saturday

Last weekend, the 3rd annual Women’s March drew millions of Americans (of both genders) to over 100 other cities. Attendees protested against President Trump’s policies, and advocated for the rights of women, immigrants and marginalized groups.

But not everyone in Westport could get to Washington, New York or Hartford.

So an afternoon of activism is planned for this Saturday (January 26, 12 noon to 2 p.m.) at Toquet Hall.

And it’s being organized by a pair of Staples High School juniors.

Kaela Dockray and Audrey Bernstein were 2 of the driving forces behind last year’s gun violence protest at Staples, following the Parkland shooting.

Last year, (from left) Parkland survivors Sarah Chadwick and Delaney Tarr, and actress Rowan Blanchard, joined Staples High School students Kaela Dockray and Audrey Bernstein in New York. The hashtag was the motto of International Women’s Day, emphasizing the power of women and the importance of them taking charge.

Now, their goal is to keep the Westport community engaged and passionate.

The teenagers came up with the idea after hearing about a number of students who wanted to attend the Women’s March, but could not get there. A local event, the girls realized, could keep students involved and civically engaged.

Speakers include senior Lydia Donovan, who interned for Will Haskell during his state senatorial campaign. There’s an open mic too, along with singers and a voter registration booth.

It’s youth centered — but the entire town is invited.

15 responses to “Students Build On Women’s March; Local Event Set For Saturday

  1. Good job girls

  2. Great!

  3. What policies of President Trump are they protesting?
    What rights are being denied women, legal migrants, minorities?
    These are serious questions..

    • Just stop Eleanor, as long as it’s anti -Trump, that’s all that matters.
      More importantly, I want to know what kind of food is available and what type of music will be played…
      Are any of these foods GMO’s? Gluten free? Keto friendly? Are animals involved? Any use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides?
      And what about the music….does it cover all cultures? Are the lyrics safe? Will they be checking the decibel levels?
      Did someone purchase carbon credits for this event?
      These are serious questions…

      On another note…at least these girls are doing something other than staring at their phones all day.

    • I assume that since their motivation is that many weren’t able to join the marches last Saturday, they are protesting the same things women at the national and state events did- which all boil down to human rights abuses, including racism, mistreatment of immigrants, lack of gender equity, domestic and sexual violence against women, LGBTQ/Trans rights, gun violence, failure to address climate change, to name a few. This administration has taken us backwards in all of these areas, not to mention the corruption and possible treason of Trump himself. Women are marching in the streets and holding events like this one to demand that our voices be heard and different policies pursued. And to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our desire for change. Bravo to you girls- not only are you passionate and engaged yourselves, you are spreading that and facilitating that for your peers. Way to go!

    • Russell Gontar

      Is it your view that Roe is “settled law” and does the lifetime the appointment of a credibly accused, attempted rapist to the SCOTUS give you any cause for concern personally, or for your female family members or for American women in general?

      • “credibly accused” without any proof with the exception of four witnesses who discredited the accuser.
        Due process out the window…that’s where I want to live.

        • Russell Gontar

          No further proof if you ignore the FBI polygraph test she passed, the corroborating therapists notes from 2012 and the fact that the FBI’s investigation was cut short on direct orders from the White House. All of the potential witnesses were not interviewed.

          Your message to women: I don’t and won’t believe you.

          • Russell,
            – There is a reason polygraphs aren’t admissible in court.
            – Therapists notes don’t mention Kavanaugh.
            – There was an FBI investigation that reached a conclusion but wasn’t the conclusion you wanted, so you believe the investigation should have gone on…..and now, apparently, the fact that the investigation was closed, is all the proof you needed to reach the conclusion you want.
            It’s your mind game Russell. It’s comforting.
            So here we are:
            Your message to men: All men are guilty.
            Your message to women: All women are innocent.
            My message to you:


            • Russell Gontar

              18 states allow ploygraph test results as admissible evidence in court. The 2012 therapists notes corroborate her 2018 statements regarding the events from that party. But I guess she was just making it up back then in case Brett “I like beer” Kavanugh was ever nominated to the SC. Rwgardi g the inevestion, it’s not the conclusion I object to, I object to the the fact that the FBI was told NOT to pursue all of the evience. Tell me, Bob, what would someone’s motivation be in bringing false charges if the result would be having to leave heir home because of, you know, all the death threats against her and her family?

              Regarding your message to me, why is it that you feel compelled to make personal aatacks upon those you don’t agree with?

              • – So you’re saying 32 states don’t allow polygraphs. Why don’t they?
                – Again, the Therapists notes say what about Kavanaugh exactly?
                – I like beer…I must be an attempted rapist. Makes sense…
                – Glad you don’t object to the FBI conclusion. You see, we can agree!
                – You admittedly don’t know her motivation so you assign one and that becomes a definitive conclusion. Interesting approach.
                – How many death threats did Kavanaugh receive?
                – If you don’t like my message to you, perhaps you shouldn’t have assigned a made up message about me.
                This is the real world Russell, I hope you are never accused of something and deemed guilty just because you were accused. Of course, you’re a male, so in your own eyes you already are…

                • Russell Gontar

                  Yeah, and all of the women who came forward during the #MeToo movement were making it up, just like the dozens of women who said Trump assaulted them were making it up. Because, you know, making such charges is just such a great time, even if nobody’s paying you to make it up. See ya.

        • Russell lives in a special place. No facts are to be found. I wonder if the women will be marching in support of infanticide as well as all of the “rights” they have been denied.

    • All those words. and still not a mention of a particular policy or a right denied, which is what Eleanor was asking.
      There will be music and food though…

  4. Everyone has made his points. Comments are closed on this thread.