Photo Challenge #210

Once upon a time, kids rode bikes all over town. They rode them to the beach, the library, downtown — you name it.

And you did name it. Those were some of the guesses for last week’s 2-part Photo Challenge.

All were wrong.

The top image (click here to see) was taken at Staples High School. I thought that was a slam-dunk — if not for the rack itself, then the parking lot behind it. But I guess except for the one kid who rode his back to school, no one ever notices it at the bottom of the upper lot, behind the cafeteria.

The second photo was a lot tougher. The only reason I know where that rack is, is because a few days before Christmas I had to park waaaaay behind Barnes & Noble, and walk around to the front. The bike rack — which I’d never noticed before — is at the far of the entrance.

Riding your bike to Staples may be a novel idea these days. Riding to Barnes & Noble is a death wish.

It took several hours for the first correct response. Brandon Malin — a Staples sophomore — nailed the high school photo. It was his friend’s bike, he said.

So now it’s on to our first-ever 4-pack Photo Challenge.

Longtime Westporter Bobbi Liepolt’s father — photographer Bill Bell — shot the Dunbar furniture ad campaign throughout the 1950s and ’60s. He frequently used Westport settings.

Can you identify all 4 of these sites? Click “Comments” below!

(Hat tip: Werner Liepolt)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #210

  1. The house Coach Lane grew up in, the Hunt Club, Sherwood Island, and Cedar Point?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Greens Farms Academy
    Nyala Farms
    Sherwood Island State Park

  3. Dana Brownell

    Top photo is greens farms academy?

  4. Barbara Sherburne '67

    First one is Greens Farms Academy. I taught there at one time.
    Second one is Roseville Road. My piano teacher, Frances Steers, said she used to watch the fox hunts from her house at the top of the hill.
    I can’t guess where the other two are.

  5. Greens Farms Academy
    Hunt Club
    Birchwood Country Club
    Sherwood Island State Park

  6. 1st photo: Kathleen Laycock Country Day School, later became Greens Farms Academy.

  7. So far, various people have gotten 2 of them correct. The top photo is Greens Farms Academy (though when the photos were taken, it was the Kathleen Laycock School). Fred Cantor is correct: The 2nd photo is the Fairfield County Hunt Club. So far no one has identified #3 and #4.

    • As a second “educated” guess on #4: a private home on Owenoke (although I must say I just can’t recall ever seeing that modern structure anywhere in town). Re my guess about the Lane family home on Long Lots RD: you lived right near there and I remember it as being this beautiful stone home set on a hill. Does that building in pic #1 look anything like the Lane home or is my memory playing tricks with me?

      • Jane Nordli Jessep

        Fred…I agree the house looks a lot like the Lane mansion. I used to pass it everyday on the school bus going to Long Lots Junior High.

  8. Michael Calise

    3 is Burial Hill Beach
    4 is Longshore looking out at Cedar Point

  9. It was great to see these pictures. I used to ride my bike all the time—but not too great a distance. Only rode to Compo once or twice. Used to ride to town to the bakery to get an eclair–not sure that counts as exercise! Love seeing Westport pics.

  10. Mary Ann Batsell

    I’m not sure about the first one, maybe
    Old Hill Rd, 2nd one looks like Nyala
    Farm, the third looks like Sherwood Island
    Near the first West Parking area, and the last
    Looks like Longshore.

  11. #3 Stauffer Chemical property

    #4 Ann Sheffer’s old house behind the train station.

  12. As noted before, 1st 2 are Greens Farms Academy/formerly Kathleen Laycock School, and Fairfield County Hunt Club. Evan Stein has nailed the other two: #3 Nyala Farm (formerly Stauffer Chemical headquartersS), and #4 the former home of Ann Sheffer and Bill Sheffler on Stony Point Road, behind the train station. When the Dunbar ad series ran, it was owned by Leopold Godowsky and his wife Frankie — George and Ira Gershwin’s sister. Good job, Evan!

    • Last time I was there was for her oldest daughter’s 21st birthday in ‘95. The house was THAT memorable!

    • Werner Liepolt

      Pretty impressive and fast identification! One possibly confusing of photo #4 is absence of Cedar Point YC on Bluff Point. CPYC moved there from Compo Basin in 1966.

      The Dunbar line was a major element in mid-century furniture design, and I know Bill was really proud of his work on that campaign.

  13. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    I’m guessing the Hunt Club picture is the 16 acre property on Hulls Highway later owned by Bill Weeks (I can’t recall the previous owners name ).

  14. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    I could have nailed number one and two but that what happens when you only check in late in the day. I am commenting because I wonder if any one knows on the Kathleen Laycock, Greens Farms Country day picture if the magnificent bush next to the entrance from the motor court is a white lilac. I believe that there was a white lilac there in the early years.
    Love these challenges Dan. Thanks.

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Okay, before I “cheat” and look at anyone else’s comments, I’m gonna take a stab at this, even though I’m a little late to this party!

    1: Montessori school, off Morningside or general area, operational in the 1970’s, and now perhaps in use another way?

    2. Greenfield Hill area, Nyla Farms meadows.

    3. Birchwood Country Club, golf course behind the main building, where sledding was a popular thing there for myself in the 1970’s.

    4. Gotta be Longshore Inn! I mean, the rotunda section of the building has to be a dead giveaway, am I right? Plus … the view … gotta be Saug Shores yonder, lol.