Photo Challenge #209

“06880” readers definitely look around.

And down.

I thought last week’s Photo Challenge — Jerry Kuyper’s image of dozens of raised orange dot things — would be one of the toughest ever.

Shows what I know. Within 15 minutes Kelley Douglass, David Sampson, Seth Schachter and Andrew Colabella all answered — correctly — that it’s the platform at the Westport train station.

Iain Bruce, Jonathan McClure and Martin Gitlin followed. (Click here for the photo.)

So I guess all those folks lining up every morning are doing more than just drinking coffee, reading the Times and listening to podcasts. They definitely know what’s happening all around.

This week’s Photo Challenge is our first-ever two-fer. Both show bicycle racks — an obvious (if increasingly) rare site in town.

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

(Photo/Dan Woog)

The image with one lonely bike is at a place you might expect. The totally empty rack is where not many folks would think of riding to.

Click “Comments” below if you know where one — or both — are. Double winners will get double the usual prize: Your name next Sunday on “06880.”



18 responses to “Photo Challenge #209

  1. Biking racks near behind the playground at Campo Beach.

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Library and train station

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Near 📚 library close to slope down to Jesup Green and near wall at RR / going to New Haven side

  4. Empty rack is at police station

  5. Believe it or not, no one has guessed either photo correctly. Yikes!

  6. Jonathan McClure

    Empty on looks like maybe Trader Joe’s?

  7. Jay Tormey '66

    Town Hall and ?

  8. Top is at SHS by the cafeteria and four building (that’s my friend’s bike!), not sure what the bottom one is.

    • Well, there you have it; confirmation that someone in Westport knows someone who actually owns a bike. Judging from all the empty bike racks everywhere in town, it’s my highly scientific conclusion that this may, in fact, be the only bike…😉

      • In some contrast, the Town of Westerly has painted elaborate bicycle emblem designs on roads all over town soliciting bicyclists to ride in the middle of the road.(!) So far, I haven’t seen a bicyclist.

        • It sounds like Westerly’s bicyclist elimination program has been effective. In Westport we chose to do this by mandating that all residents purchase giant, extended wheelbase SUVs and drive them at high rates of speed – preferably while texting.

  9. Brandon is the first person to guess correctly. Congrats — well done!

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, the rack at Staples (which Brandon recognized) looks so war torn, it could easily be the same rack that I used in the 1980’s during high school (yikes!).

    So, the second pic could be located at perhaps King’s Highway Elementary, or the formerly Riverside Ave. location of Bedford Jr. High?

    Heck, worth a shot at it 😁

    • Thanks, Sharon — but no, the 2nd rack is not at Kings Highway or Saugatuck Elementary. It’s not at any school, for that matter. Keep trying!

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Oh hell, I suppose it could be just about anywhere (and it appears to be rather portable, so this one could be a “put it where you need it” situation, lol).

        I just moved to Southbury (the land of the “other” Stepford Wives, yikes), so my guesses are likely more accurate for older/established Westport stuff!)

  11. Colleen Williams

    Saugatuck train station.