Jack’s Last Day

Yesterday — when “06880” broke the news that Jack Riley has sold his very popular Greens Farms Spirit Shop — I posted this photo:

It showed a young Jack Riley, on his first day in business: November 10, 1969.

Today — December 15, 2018 — was Jack’s last day.

The store — which will continue with new owners, and many familiar employees — was packed.

Jack opened a bottle. The large crowd of customers — aka “friends” — raised their glasses to nearly 50 years of neighborly service and smiles.

Then Nico Eisenberger asked Jack to pose once again, for posterity.

(Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

The hair is gone. But the passion for what he did — and the joyful way he did it — remains.

A simple toast was the least the large crowd could do.

But — like everything Jack did — it came from the heart.

6 responses to “Jack’s Last Day

  1. Mary and Brian Sikorski

    Am I glad I stopped in to Greens Farms Spirit Shop to get some beverage gifts this afternoon. I didn’t realize it was Jack’s last day so I was very happy I could say good bye to Jack and thank him. He was always so good to our family and he was our go to person for our family parties all the way from baptisms to college graduations. He would have everything delivered even down to the mixers and the ice. Any unused beverages he’d happily take back. Today he carried out my package for the last time. Jack and his very special customer service will be missed! Much health & happiness Jack!

  2. What an impressive legacy! But who’s going to remember all our names now? Best wishes, and a grateful toast with the good stuff, to you, Jack.

  3. Big congrats Jack .. You’ve always Been a Wonderful Man , who always speaks very Fond of Everyone who walked into your store , or running into someone while your away from the store .. Enjoy your Retirement my Friend .. You Earned It ……..

  4. Jack is Simply. The. Best!!!!

  5. I couldn’t be there, but I wish Jack the best of everything. I’m sure he’ll bring much joy to his new home, just as he did in Westport.

  6. Bruce McFadden

    Congratulations Jack ! Glad that Kevin is putting his Staples chemistry to such good use in his winery ! I can’t think of a better application !
    Please say hello from me !