Photo Challenge #205

Westport’s cemeteries are important places.

Like most boneyards, they feature row upon row of gravestones, markers and monuments. This being New England, many are old. Some are historic. All mean something.

But cemeteries can be beautiful too. Willowbrook — established in 1847 — is more than final resting place of generations of Coleys, Burrs, Nashes, Bedfords, Bradleys and Hurlbutts.

It’s a place of rolling hills, specimen trees, shrubs, a pond, the famed Daffodil Mile — and last week’s Photo Challenge.

Mark Jacobs’ image showed a lovely brook, running underneath a handsome viaduct. (Click here for the photo.)

Only one “06880” reader — Dan Herman — knew where that photo was taken: by Carriage Lane, just off Main Street.

Perhaps the end of the Thanksgiving holiday kept the number of correct guesses low.

Or maybe we all need to spend more time hanging out in Westport cemeteries.

This week’s Photo Challenge —

(Photo/Stan Skowronski)

— can be found in a hangout of a different type.

Hint to young “06880” readers: The object above is a “pay phone.” Once upon a time, you fed coins into the slot (upper right), dialed or punched in a phone number, and talked to them using the “handset” (middle, with cord).

Another hint to young readers: This phone is located in a place you’re very familiar with. Now you know what it is!

Readers of any age, who know where in Westport you’d find this: Click “Comments” below.

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #205

  1. A total guess would be the Black Duck.

  2. Barbara Greenspan

    Sherwood Diner!

  3. Sherwood Diner

  4. … aka the 20th century’s version of WIFI !

  5. Bill Boyd... Staples 66

    There’s one off these at the MacDonalds

  6. At the Sherwood diner

  7. Patrick Church

    Coffee an

  8. As Bill Boyd noted above: This photo shows the pay phone at McDonald’s. For those of you who are no longer in Westport, that fast-food joint is on the site of the former Big Top. And that says it all.

  9. Jonathan McClure

    Maybe some won’t guess as it’s an admission that they eat at McDonalds? Well, I eat there once in a while and am not ashamed to admit it! So, yes, I recognize the pay phone there and noticed it only because I thought it strange that there still is a pay phone there (or anywhere for that matter).

  10. Forgotten words spoken to this foreign box:
    Reverse the charge
    I’d like to call collect
    Directory information please
    10 cents for the next 5 minutes
    Operator give me Memphis Tennessee

    Anyone else ……

  11. Westport pizza?

  12. Seth Braunstein


    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Sherwood Diner?

  14. I heard that the Willowbrook Cemetery is so popular that people are dying to get in

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

      Love it but I’m dying to get into Evergreen……Well, not any time soon I hope……

  15. There are also pay phones located at the Rogers Baseball fields (North Compo) and at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 car pool parking area