Photo Challenge #204

I said that last week’s Photo Challenge was hidden in plain sight. Many Westporters pass it every day, without ever really seeing it.

So no, it was not the “Golden Shadows” mansion at Baron’s South.

The intricate design photographed by Mark Jacobs is part of old Bell Telephone brick building on Myrtle Avenue. When you turn on Myrtle from the Post Road, it’s the 2nd property on your right — directly opposite Sherwood Square.

The building was once a key operations center for the phone company. Now it’s just part of the scenery. (Click here for the photo.)

It’s still a good-looking building. Check it out the next time you’re stopped in traffic there — which I’m sure will be soon.

Robert Mitchell was the first “06880” reader to “call up” the correct answer. Bob Grant, Darcy Sledge and Mary Ann Batsell followed.

Mark Jacobs also contributes this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where you’d see this beautiful scene, click “Comments” below. (Bonus points if you know the name of the waterway.)

(Photo/Mark Jacobs)

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #204

  1. Robert Mitchell

    The bridge from the Imperial Avenue lot to the Levitt Pavilion parking area. Can’t remember the name of the waterway.

  2. I believe this is north ave near Cob rd

  3. Willow Brook At Carriage Lane

  4. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    I believe that this bridge is at the beginning of Lyons Plain Road, in Weston, off to the right side, where the “old road” had passed before the “new, improved” Lyons Plain road was built. Ya think?

  5. Dead Man’s Creek going under Jessup Road near Imperial

  6. Muddy Brook near Greens Farms Road?

  7. Dan Herman is correct. It’s at Willowbrook Cemetery — at Carriage Lane, just off Main Street. Well done!

  8. A rare time when everyone has a different idea. It’s not very wide since we see light from the other side thru the first arch. Not for cars, I”d say. Maybe part of a one-time estate downtown.

  9. Hmmm, that looks AWFULLY familiar! When you pull into my cemetery’s main entrance, you’ll see that to the left! The road above the culverts is Carriage Lane. Looks like no-one won the free grave challenge 🙁