Pic Of The Day #587

The rest of the time, feel free to dance in the Barnes & Noble parking lot. (Photo/Dan Woog)

7 responses to “Pic Of The Day #587

  1. There’s a sign maker somewhere with a lawyer for a relative. Idiotic!


  3. One wet day at Stop & Shop I took an unexpected slide on the painted white line marking a parking spot. It was a complete surprise. It wasn’t a surface that I expected to be slippery but it was – very! I don’t know if I’d have benefited from a sign like that, though – and I bet I didn’t look as graceful either.

  4. You learn something every day. I didn’t realize surfaces can be slippery when icey. Wait until I tell my wife this. She’ll think I’m a genius.

  5. When wet, the painted areas on a road, safety area, stop lines, especially speed humps are positively deadly on a bicycle. Some rubber soles on certain sneakers are also much slippery than others. They went into the garbage.

  6. We have a 90+ inlaw who LOVES screwball signs like this; I sent her a slew of great ones from Ireland, which tended to detail the tragic consequences of disobeying the sign in humorous (to some of us) ways. This ranks! Especially, Lily’s “Jazz Hands” comment!

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