Westporters Enable Car Thieves

The Westport Police Department wants to make life hard for car thieves.

Unfortunately, too many residents make it too easy. 

The WPD says:

Early this morning, 2 vehicles were stolen from the Hillspoint Road area. Two others were broken into. Credit cards stolen from one vehicle were later used in Stratford.

All vehicles were believed to have been unlocked, with keys left inside the vehicles.

Another vehicle was stolen over the weekend. It was also unsecured, with the keys left inside. All incidents are being investigated by the detective bureau.

Please steal my car!

Despite multiple warnings over the last few years, residents continue to leave valuables and keys in their unlocked vehicles. As long as residents do not heed these warnings, thieves will continue to target our area.

We ask everyone to remove valuables from their vehicles, take their keys with them, and lock their car doors every time — whether holiday shopping downtown, parked at the gym, at the dog park or in their own driveways.

Residents are urged to participate in the “9 PM Routine.” This national public service campaign is a simple, effective way to prevent theft. It includes removing valuables from vehicles, locking car doors and bringing keys inside.

Take a few extra moments during your nightly routine to make sure the doors to your home are locked, your garage doors are secure, and exterior lights are turned on.

Help us prevent burglaries and theft in our community, and protect your home and property. For more information on the 9 PM Routine, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

14 responses to “Westporters Enable Car Thieves

  1. David J. Loffredo

    If you’re dumb enough to leave your keys in your car then the insurance companies should not be liable for your loss.

  2. Daryl Styner, D.D.S.

    All common sense!

  3. Chris Marcocci

    Thanks for the heads up! What is our town doing to prevent criminals from targeting Westport? Is there an active “neighborhood watch”? Are the police patrolling targeted areas during the times when most of these crimes occur?
    thank you

    • Until we lose the ignorant Westport mentality that “nothing bad happens here” they will keep coming. If you couldn’t tell by all the stolen cars, doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. Several area departments posted that it’s a revolving door with these juveniles. They steal cars, they chase them, they get released. When Malloy raises the age of juvenile offenders he basically gave them a get out of jail free card. Commit crimes and serve no time behind bars. Makes the police departments jobs impossible

  4. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    You’re not living in Mayberry folks.

  5. From what I’ve learned, they’re part of a gang from Waterbury and are typically between 15-19 years old. They go around testing car door handles and if it opens, they press the keyless start button to see if the keys were left in the car. Several have been arrested but the courts are letting them back out. They’re not just targeting Westport though – all of Fairfield County is experiencing it.

  6. I think our police are trying Sam and foti there staff is trying we have a lot good police officers who patrol if you see something. Say something please

  7. Criminals like robbing banks – that’s where the money is…and especially easy if we hand them the keys.

  8. Astonishing that folks are this clueless. Our wonderful police force has enough to do! I even lock my car when I’m getting gas- they can steal whatever is on your carseat while you’re distracted if your car is unlocked.

  9. All interesting and telling comments:
    If you’re dumb enough . . .
    What is our town doing to prevent criminals . . .
    Until we lose the ignorant Westport mentality that “nothing bad happens here” they will keep coming . . .
    You’re not living in Mayberry folks . . .
    I think our police are trying . . .
    Criminals like robbing banks . . .
    Astonishing that folks are this clueless . . .
    Having lived in Westport for 30 years, we have experienced a decline in our town’s social fiber similar to the rest of our country. The person or persons that committed these crimes most likely came from outside of our town. Having said that – we need to be aware of this new reality and adapt to the new needs for security and responsibility. We each own our own actions. Blaming will not fix the situation – accepting reality and dealing with its outcome will help us deal with Westpot’s new realities.

  10. Sammy Guthartz

    Hi, I’m in my junior year at Staples High School, and my car was the one that was stolen. It was very upsetting that I am having grown ups calling me stupid, ignorant, and clueless; instead of a little bit of support from the community. I understand that many people have this “Westport mindset” that nothing bad will happen to their things, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have that mindset myself. I know my mistake was quite irresponsible, but I would much rather have my story be an important lesson of protection and observation, rather than grown ups writing negative comments. Thank you

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Sammy, for you to take umbrage at “grown ups writing negative comments” reflects a poor attitude. There is nothing indicating that the car was stolen from a kid. There might be some slack cut for you, but you’d be smarter and show more maturity by simply admitting you made a dumb mistake rather than complaining about being criticized for it. .

  11. Rosemary Bentley Milligan

    I know this comment will not go over well – but I just do not understand how any one could leave their keys in an unlocked car-or an unlocked car period. I can remember as far back as the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s how many of us locked our cars even if they were in the garage!

  12. Dominick Romano

    Sammy Guthartz . . . My father would, in this situation, ask you a simple question, as he asked me many times: “What did you learn from this?” Over the years I learned to ask myself a variation of that question in advance, sort of as a test of “Is this a good idea?” By the way, judging from your statement alone I’d say the action may have been stupid, ignorant, and irresponsible, but you, certainly, are not. Good luck.