Photo Challenge #201

Two mysteries were solved last week: The Photo Challenge — faded “No Parking” paint sprayed on the wall of what was clearly a parking lot — showed the back lot at Town Hall.

Krystof Bondar, Mary-Ellen Kuhn, Edward Bloch, Andrew Colabella and Bruce Salvo knew where Mark Mathias took the shot.

Incorrect guesses included Trader Joe’s, the Playhouse, People’s Bank, Sunny Daes, Fortuna’s and the train station. (Click here for the photo, and all the guesses.)

The 2nd mystery was: Who painted it there? And why?

Alert “06880” reader — and Bedford Elementary School graduate (long before it became Town Hall) — Chip Stephens says:

The photo shows where the buses used to pick up and drop off
Bedford El students. The buses came up St John’s Place, entered the loop and picked up passengers lined up on the playground by bus number. The loop adjoined the paved playground and the school itself.

So of course there was no parking there. It was an active bus loop!

Now on to the next mystery: this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this fantastic fall scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Jamie Walsh)

17 responses to “Photo Challenge #201

  1. One of the wonderful things about Westport is that this could have been taken at a variety of places around town. I’ll guess adjacent to Ford Road.

  2. Pond in the Caryl & Edna Haskins Preserve, part of the Aspetuck Land Trust,
    Green Acre Lane

  3. Jane McCaffrey

    Nash’s Pond

  4. Julie Fatherley

    An exquisite photograph taken at Haskins Preserve. It is a glorious place
    to take a walk.

  5. You don’t need to fill it out. If you do, just put – Dan

  6. Lee’s Pond?

  7. First guess is Haskins Preserve
    (the property Mr and Mrs Haskins the scientists that deeded and donated the land to the Town of Westport)

    • Heather Williams

      Hi Wendy, the Haskins left their house and property to the Aspetuck Land Trust. What a gem it is!

      • Oh. It’s Aspetuck Land Trust property even better. I thought both owned it actually. Thank you for the clarification and correction

  8. Carissa Simon Baker

    I’m with you Fred Cantor! Thought it was the river off of Ford Road. Spent many an hour parked down there with my boyfriend! And in winter many an hour skating down it. Ahhh memories……

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    My first thought was a pond along the trails at nature center (I mean, Earthplace), but it’s been a long time since I’ve walked those woods!

  10. Heather Williams

    Beautiful picture, Jamie!

  11. Peter Gambaccini

    Having grown up closer to the Fairfield line, my first reaction was “Buckley Pond,” though I’m not sure if it looks like that anymore.