Pics Of The Day #566

Among her many activities, Diana Kuen is the rowing coach for a group of breast cancer survivors. A couple of days ago, the “Saugatuck SurvivOARS” held their final water practice of the season, before winterizing their boats.

Amy Bauer stroked the boat for the first time — then headed off for her 5th chemo treatment.

This spring, the Survivors head to their first regatta: Row for the Cure, in Poughkeepsie, New York. Another one will follow in Washington, DC. Good luck to these remarkable women!

(Photos/Diana Kuen)

7 responses to “Pics Of The Day #566

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    So cool and wonderful of them all for what they are doing. They are true champions.

  2. Barry Tashian

    This is great – more power to them all!

  3. Andrew Colabella

    Beautiful photos 😍

  4. Noel E. Parmentel Jr.

    Dan=I wonder if any/many of your musings ever dealt with the (thankfully saved, I hear) BLACK DUCK? &/R Rum Running across the S.E. CT shoreline? Please advise.

  5. Thanks for posting Dan! The Saugatuck (Rowing Club) SurviveOARS are an incredible group of women, all in different stages of recovery or treatment through Norwalk Hospital. We are so lucky to have them at SRC! The program is made possible by the countless (and selfless) Saugatuck Rowing Club members (junior rowers and master rowers) that volunteer their time to help. Of course my co-coach Andy Healy is a life saver too! 🙂 There’s almost twice as many more SurviveOARS in the program not pictured.

  6. I applaud and am in awe of the SurviveOARS … each and everyone of you! Nothing but blue skies from now on … what better place to feel this than on the water, stroke by stroke.