Photo Challenge #200

Security cameras have become so ubiquitous, we don’t even notice them.

So it’s not surprising that last week’s Photo Challenge — showing more than half a dozen cameras on top of a building — drew guesses of spots all around town.

The train station? Levitt Pavilion? Police station? Town Hall? No, no, no and no.

The cameras in question (click here to see) are located atop Joey’s by the Shore — the Compo beach concession stand. Andrew Colabella and Michael Calise — longtime and constant beachgoers — were the first 2 readers with the right answer.

But why would a beach restaurant need security cameras?

Andrew explained:

In the summer of 2016 there was a serious spike in vandalism, break-ins, driving on the beach, and illicit and suspicious activity. Lifeguard chairs were dragged into the water, Joey’s was broken into, and money was removed/stolen/missing from the gate.

In the past before that, boats had been burglarized and the lifeguard shack was broken into.

These cameras — along with many others strategically placed in and around the beach — record and are viewed by town employees in the Parks & Rec and Police Departments. The technological ability of these cameras is astonishing.

Since then, illegal activities have dropped dramatically.

So be cool out there. Big Brother — or at least the town — is watching.

Here is this week’s Photo Challenge:

(Photo/Mark Mathias)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this hand-sprayed “No Parking” sign, click “Comments” below.

And if you know why someone painted it there — in a seemingly legit parking spot — we’d like to know too!

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #200

  1. Peoples bank Compo and post road?

  2. The parking lot behind Trader Joe’s?

  3. Back end of Traser Joe’s lot?

  4. I think this is the right hand side of sunny daes ice cream

  5. Krystof Bondar

    Parking lot Back of town hall

  6. Mary-Ellen Kuhn

    Town Hall back parking lot

  7. Krystof and Mary-Ellen are correct: It’s behind Town Hall. Now: Any idea WHY it’s there? I sure don’t know.

    • Just some thoughts…
      Is it possible the retaining wall is failing or there’s a tree that’s hanging funny?
      Do other cars park along that back area?

  8. Northern side of parking lot behind Town Hall.

  9. Looks like the parking lot near the Playhouse.

  10. Marcella Lozyniak

    Back parking lot of Fortuna’s

  11. Andrew Colabella


    • Andrew Colabella

      I never park there. Not because of the faded no parking, but the trees that look very flimsy , tall and sapful of headache for my paint.

  12. Carissa Simon Baker

    Have no idea….train station?

  13. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    Likely as it was once an active drive way No Parking was in order. The place the photo shows is where the busses used to pick up and drop off
    Bedford Elementary students. The busses came up St Johns Place entered the loop and picked up their passengers lined up on the playground by bus #. The loop adjoined the paved playground and the school itself. I still remember the school “secretary” , Mrs Mailens, on rainy days announce over the loudspeakers Dismissal for those on the bus will be from the Gymnasium …..

    • Michael Calise

      So Chip, did it ever occur to you while you were busy skipping class, chasing girls and playing baseball that you would be back as one of the hardest working P & Z Commissioners Westport ever had.

  14. Wow – great info, Chip. THANKS for letting us know!

  15. Town hall parking lot