Photo Challenge #199

Old library card catalogs never die. They just get recycled.

At the Westport Library, the repurposing is particularly creative. For a few years now, the cafe has filled the now-obsolete wooden drawers with utensils, sugar packets and the like. It’s a great way to save space — and save what was once an integral part of the library experience.

Fred Cantor, Seth Schachter, Arleen Block, Nancy Bloom, Rich Stein, Joyce Barnhart, Nina Streitfeld, Ronna Zaken, Karen Como, Molly Alger, Mary Palmieri Gai, Ellen Wentworth, Arlene Gottlieb, Arline Gertzoff, Trammi Nguyen, Jessica Newshel and Karen Kim all identified last week’s Photo  Challenge. (Click here for the photo.)

Sure, it was easy. Let’s hope it was fun.

This week’s Photo Challenge shows several security cameras, and other electronic equipment. They’ve become part of our lives, so now we barely notice them.

But have you noticed this particular set? If so, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

12 responses to “Photo Challenge #199

  1. Train station?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Top of Joeys or Levitt

  3. Seth Braunstein

    On top of the police station

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  4. Town Hall, Westport

  5. Wow – these guesses are all over the lot. Andrew Colabella — who spends his summers at the beach — is correct. The answer is the top of Joey’s!

  6. Michael Calise

    Compo Concession. hidden in plain sight

  7. Rebecca Ellsley

    The question is who watches them…..joeys or police department?

  8. Ana Carolina Bicalho

    Good question Rebecca!

  9. I think this was the fastest photo challenge yet!!
    1209 pm EST by Mr Colabella

  10. Tons of business have these security camera and they stream to desktop, laptop computers inside the business or even their smartphones. They’re are no windows at Joey’s. This gives them ‘eyes’ around they’re building. They probably have a couple inside too to help see who’s coming and going and see who comes to the counter.

  11. Andrew Colabella

    For anyone who is wondering the purpose of these cameras who is watching them, here’s your answer.

    Summer of 2016 there was a serious spike in vandalism, break ins, driving on the beach, illicit and suspicious activity. Lifeguard chairs were dragged into the water, Joeys was broken into along with money being removed/stolen/missing from the gate. In the past before that, boats had been burglarized and the lifeguard shack was broken into where a couple of get together after hours took place illegally.

    These cameras, along with many others strategically placed in and around the beach record and are viewed by administrative town employees within Parks & Rec and the police department. The technological abilities of these cameras are astonishing.

    Since then, illegal activities have dropped dramatically.