Photo Challenge #198

Old habits die hard.

Sixty years after its founding, many Westporters still call Earthplace “the Nature Center.” (It had another name before that: the Mid-Fairfield County Youth Museum.)

But there’s something (relatively) new at the 62-acre property near the Norwalk  border. The Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum is a 12-acre gem, filled with old trees, hiking trails, flowers and more.

The arboretum is town-designated open space, managed by tree warden Bruce Lindsay and the Westport Tree Board. While adjacent to Earthplace, ir is a separate entity. It’s funded largely by grants, donations, and some support from the town budget.

Rich Stein, Tom Ryan, Chip Stephens, Sharon Paulsen, Wendy Cusick, Walker Stollenwerck and Darcy Sledge all identified the spot, from the few small rocks and vegetation shown in Miggs Burroughs’ photo.

They know and love the Wadsworth Arboretum. You should too! (Click here for last week’s Photo Challenge image. Click here for an “06880” story about the land.)

The next Photo Challenge comes courtesy of David Meth:

(Photo/David Meth)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

22 responses to “Photo Challenge #198

  1. Cafe at the library.

  2. Westport Library — café ?????

  3. LIbrary cafe

  4. This is at the Cafe at the Westport Public Library.

  5. Library coffee shop… that utilitizes an old card catalog drawer

  6. The label is on a drawer from an old library card catalog cabinet so I think it’s safe to say it’s in the library café.

  7. Was this at the library sweet shop counter? Nina Streitfeld

  8. Westport Library cafe

  9. Library cafe.

  10. Ellen Wentworth


  11. Is there a drawer for Stevia as well??

  12. Of course it’s the library cafe. That was an easy one!

  13. Arlene Gottlieb

    The Westport Library Cafe

  14. The drawer at Westport Library cafe with coffe stuff

  15. At the WPL cafe coffee station.

  16. Jessica Newshel

    Library cafe

  17. Kathleen Dehler

    I miss the “Old Dewey Decimal System”!

  18. Library cafe

  19. Over twenty respondents gave the same answer! I’ve never seen such uninimity amongst a group of such diverse people! This post should be shared with all those in Congress! Why can’t we see such harmony in Washington? Once again Westporters are a shining example to the rest of the country!

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