Photo Challenge #197

“06880” readers really know their onions.

I thought last Sunday’s Photo Challenge was a tough one. It was Franco Fellah’s drone image of the Community Garden at Long Lots Elementary School — but it looked more like (as one person commented) his mother’s kitchen linoleum. (Click here to see.)

There was no way anyone could tell it was an aerial shot.

Or so I thought.

Rich Stein, Jonathan McClure, Diane Bosch, A. Darcy Sledge all identified it correctly — and all within minutes of posting.

Seth Goltzer chimed in soon.

So I’ll try to stump you again. This one is not easy.

Then again, I said that last week.

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #197

  1. Is this the work of the same person that fashioned the ‘dog’ in the picture sent last week?

  2. Since we are celebrating Earthplace aka the Westport Nature Center… I’m thinking in the new area that has been developed near old hill

  3. It’s the recently cleared wooded area on Stonybrook.

  4. Chip Stephens

    Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Nature Center?

  6. Wendy Cusick

    First thought on this picture is-
    This on Earthplace property along the trails and hiking paths.
    (I still call it the Nature Center. Old habits die hard living on the Norwalk/Westport border for 45 plus years)

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Chip Stevens has the correct name of the trail area at the Nature Center (Earthplace).
    I couldn’t remember the name as I typed.

  8. Great job, nature lovers. The photo shows the Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum at Earthplace (formerly the Nature Center — and before that, Mid-Fairfield County Museum [or something like that]).

    This great property is bordered by Stonybrook and Woodside. Here’s one of the stories I posted about it:

    Try to visit. It’s well worth the trip!

    • In the sixties it was know as the “Youth Museum.”

      • Joyce Barnhart

        Matt, I think the full name was “The Mid-Fairfield County Youth Museum”. Doesn’t that fall trippingly off the tongue? As much as I love the place, they have a sad history with names.

  9. Walker Stollenwerck

    I believe the photo is at Earthplace near the ” Fairytale tree”

  10. A Darcy Sledge


  11. Just reread the 2017 article about the Wadsworth site.
    Twenty years ago the town of Westport wanted to build a school and or sell it too developers!!
    Westport Board of Education and Town Government were crazy back then….
    Thank goodness the neighborhood put a stop to it!!
    That would have been a huge and tragic mistake.
    You can’t grow open space and mature trees.

  12. The Lillian Wadsworth Arboretum is Town Open Space. It is not Earthplace. LWA is Town-owned and maintained by volunteers such as Boy Scouts of America, Builders Beyond Borders, SLOBS, Staples High School environment classes and interns, along with members of the Tree Board, under the guidance of the Town of Westport Tree Warden, Bruce Lindsay. Dick Fincher has been the neighborhood hero that protected this property from being sold to developers when it was determined to be too small for building a school. Dick also brought it to the Town’s attention in 2014, when it was suffering from neglect, and began the efforts to make it safe and accessible to the public. Both the Earthplace 62 acres and the Town’s 12 acres were donated by Lillian Wadsworth who lived on Kings Highway North next to the Christ and Holy Trinity Cemetery.