Soups (And More) On In Georgetown

Westporters of a certain age remember Soup’s On with love.

Much about the small Main Street restaurant with the big heart can’t be recaptured: its casual, homey atmosphere and before-its-time emphasis on healthful food, for example.

But more than 30 years after it closed, Soup’s On lives — in  Georgetown.

The country kitchen opened in 1978. Peter Fine — owner Sue Fine’s son — grew up in a house that was “all about food.” He watched proudly as his mother “moved heaven and earth” to serve grateful customers wonderful dishes, made with fresh, local ingredients.

Sue Fine (center) had a great relationship with her loyal employees.

Though Fine spent most of his professional life in real estate, the Soup’s On experience lingered. And because he focused on the restaurant and  hospitality sector, he always dreamed of recreating Soup’s On essence.

He tried to find a spot in Westport that would work. But when he heard the Lumberyard Pub sports bar had closed in Georgetown, he realized that neighborhood — where Weston, Wilton, Redding and Ridgefield meet — was perfect.

The result is Milestone. Since opening in late summer, it’s earned raves from diners far beyond the tiny — but funky — Georgetown neighborhood.

Peter Fine and his mother Sue, outside his new restaurant.

Fine installed a Forza Forni brick oven. Reaching 700 degrees, it produces superb, made-from-scratch pizzas and succulent fish.

There’s a great meatball dish, excellent salads, crispy chicken, skirt steak — “something for everyone,” Fine says. “Delicious, simple, without fussy flavorings.”

That made Soup’s On special too. And though he can’t recreate its magic, Fine has resurrected a couple of his mom’s recipes — exactly as they were.

He served her gazpacho. As the weather turns colder, he’s adding her onion soup and chili to the menu.

Peter Fine’s restaurant may be called Milestone. But in Georgetown — as it was in Westport — Sue Fine’s soup’s on.

10 responses to “Soups (And More) On In Georgetown

  1. I have been several time. It is very good and well worth the short ride.

  2. Loved Soups On! Can’t wait to try Milestone.

  3. Thomas Orofino

    I loved the onion soup and Soups On and the soup & half a sandwich daily special………have missed Soup’s On forever!!

  4. Donna ODonnell

    Milestone is amazing. Incredible chef and atmosphere. Well done Peter and Andi Fine!

  5. Jill Turner Odice

    Even after all these years I can still remember the way Sue’s chili tasted! It was one of my favorite things to get for lunch when I worked downtown 🙂 I went to school with Peter and he and his Mom both look great! Congrats on their restaurant , I bet it will do well.

  6. Audrey Doniger

    Hi Sue Fine and daughter Susie Doniger worked at Soups On, eventually became a manager..she hired a young Frenchman who needed a job…hired him as a dishwasher..he came to live in my sons old bedroom..they eventually married..had 2 sons and after 14 years went back to live in his hometown in the southwest of France…sadly they split up my older grandson came to live in the same room that is father had..and my hand is sore from all the cooking I did around town,even in the little red kitchen where I cooked for the great Soups On…they were great times…I hope you remember me and Susie..xx

  7. Oh my god! My name is Tracy Malone and I live in Colorado now. I worked at Soups on and a westport Ed friend just showed me I am in your picture! Center back with pretty puffy hair. I often wondered about Sue, so glad her son is carrying on her legacy.

  8. Jody Braskamp

    Good luck Peter! I know Milestone will be as successful as Soup’s On. If I lived closer I’d make some Pear Tartes for you like I did for your mother. Can’t wait to visit when I am in Westport.

  9. Case Braskamp

    Mulligatawny stew please

  10. Soup’s On was a magical place that my wife, Katie, worked at and later managed. Together with Sue Fine, Lily Bonara and a wonderful group of waitresses and buspersons they provided fabulous soups – so rich and bountiful – along with amazing entrees, eclectic salads, and unbelievably good bread. Every morsel of every dish was pure ecstasy. And the people that worked there were just as glorious as the food. It was a great time when downtown Westport still had so many wonderful, homegrown stores and restaurants. We’ll make the trek up to Peter’s place for sure. In the meantime thanks so much for conjuring up those memories. Mmmm mulligatawny!!!