Distracted Driving Event Set For Saturday

It’s a recent, and potentially fatal, phenomenon: a car crashes into a tree or telephone pole. It’s the middle of the day — often in fine weather — and there are no other vehicles around.

The cause is almost always distracted driving. And the driver can just as easily be an adult as a teenager.

Meanwhile, for decades, many other accidents — at all times of day — have been caused by impaired drivers. Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be any age too.

Staples High School’s Teen Awareness Group wants to do something about it.

This Saturday (October 13, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Staples football field), the club hosts a Distracted Driving event. It’s free, and open to all high school students.

Plus their parents, and any other interested people.

Drivers can be distracted by texting, as well as by alcohol or drugs.

The State Police will be on hand with a simulator. Attendees can experience first-hand the power of an impact by a moving vehicle — this time, fortunately, in a safe, controlled environment.

Westport police officers will create an obstacle course and other simulations. Using special goggles, participants can experience the effects of substances on depth perception, coordination, decreased reaction time and impaired decision-making.

You can also take a field sobriety test.

TAG has organized this Distracted Driving Day with support from the Westport Youth Commission and Westport Police-Youth Club.

It’s an important event. Drive safely — there, back and always.

(NOTE: Attendees should park by the Staples fieldhouse and pool. Staples boys soccer’s 60th anniversary celebration will fill the parking lot by the soccer field and baseball diamond.)

5 responses to “Distracted Driving Event Set For Saturday

  1. Jean Marie Wiesen

    If I hadn’t jumped out of the way, I would have been run over by a male, teen driver in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, who sped through the stop sign. A woman, sitting in her car, screamed, she was sure I was going to be hit. I find this very ironic that it’s going to be held at Staples High School. If the kid hadn’t been speeding, I may have gotten the plate number. They ought to be older prior to being given the privilege of driving.

    • I see plenty of “adults” driving in a similar manner. I honk my horn when I see this happening- sometimes it actually makes drivers pay attention. So scary out there.

  2. Distracted drivers get into more accidents…Shocking!…I walk back and forth from my home to work each day which includes Main Street, Ruth Steinkraus Bridge, etc. and I see many clearly distracted drivers both young and old. Too many drivers underappreciate how dangerous driving can be. Drive carefully Westporters!!

  3. Using Snap Chat while driving is as common as chewing gum while driving!

  4. There’s another unspoken toll taken by distracted driving – traffic flow. When you are Instagramming or whatever at the stoplight and you are still sitting there blocking traffic after the light is green you are the problem. Sure, one driver causing two more drivers caught behind them to miss the light doesn’t seem impactful, but repeated events snowball and add to the traffic that the very same people complain about. You are a driver from when you pull out of the parking spot until you are in the parking spot at the end of your journey… keep it moving! Within the +10mph Westport speed limits of course. 😉