Photo Challenge #191

Many readers thought last week’s photo challenge rang a ball.

In fact, Bob Mitchell’s image was a bell.

But it was not where most commenters thought it was (Saugatuck Engine Company 4, on Riverside Avenue).

Bob’s bell is on Riverside Avenue. It’s at the other end, though: #15, near Post Road West. Specifically, it’s next to the Gault Building West — beside the driveway leading down to the small parking lot on the river, across from Sunny Daes.

It took a while, but Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Diane Bosch finally nailed the answer.

You can see both bells — this one, and the one at the firehouse — from Riverside Avenue. Take a close look. Until then, click here for the photo.

Now on to this week’s photo challenge:

If you know where in Westport you’d find Kuti’s Way, click “Comments” below.

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #191

  1. Compo Shopping Center next to the former NY Sport Gym and I think Food Fair.

  2. All very true about Kuti—he was practically larger than life. He is missed by many.

  3. Off East Main. Very Sad!

  4. Vanessa Bradford

    On the building where his jewelry store was located

    • Exactly right, at the entrance to the stairway to his office, next to Cohen’s Optical. Where he patiently educated many perplexed couples on what to look for when choosing a diamond engagement ring.

  5. In the strip mall that houses Gold’s. It’s next to Cohen’s Optical.

  6. Michael Calise

    A bad night in Westport. A good guy gunned down by a sick mind.

  7. Seth Goltzer

    Worked with Kati over 20 years, a real one of a kind individual. Miss him to this day,

  8. Susan Iseman

    My beautiful engagement and wedding rings were made by him. I smile when I think of when he showed us a huge gemstone & said “my dear, that is the Titanic!” His was a giant teddy bear with a beautiful, warm heart. I think of him every time I look at my rings. The epidemic of gun violence impacts too many innocent people.

  9. Patricia McMahon

    Before my husband and i knew Kuti’s business, our dogs at Winslow Park many yrs ago brought us together .
    Kuti and his lovely spirited wife Navi became friends.
    He was indeed larger than life.
    A real loss in Westport and those who knew him.

  10. Mary Ann Batsell

    That sign is in the Compo Shopping Center
    At the East end under the sign of Cohens
    Optical it is to the left of the door that says
    Offices , a plaque on the wall for the
    Jeweler who was killed there awhile back.

  11. I know that location well Kuti was my uncles business partner the “S’ in S&Z.
    I was fairly young when I met his for the first time. Kuti and is wife would usually stop by our house with my uncle on Christmas day. He was big and loud but in a good way. His hands were big and he’d smack me on the back which was almost hard enough to send me across the living room. As a side note I think think the Westport police department and associated agencies deserve our thanks for nailing the asshole that killed him.

  12. Audrey Hertzel

    A wonderful, warm and honest man with a one of a kind raspy voice. Westport lost a wonderful soul. RIP Precious Stone <3