Photo Challenge #190

Westport is chock full of kayaks.

They’re stacked at Compo Beach, Longshore Sailing School, Downunder, and docks and driveways all around town.

But the kayaks in last week’s Photo Challenge were some of the most visible. They’re stored at Schlaet’s Point — specifically, in the little private park (supposedly) for Bluewater Hill residents only, next to the house at 259 Hillspoint Road with the massive stone wall and 3-flag pole.

We all pass by them often. But only Matt Murray, Rich Stein, Joelle Harris Malec and Sarah Hock knew exactly where they were. Kayak kudos to you! (Click here to see Amy Schneider’s shot.)

Here is this week’s Photo Challenge:

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

If the location rings a bell, click “Comments” below. And if you’ve got the back story to it, let us know too.

13 responses to “Photo Challenge #190

  1. Saugatuck Firehouse?

  2. Michael Calise

    next to the Saugatuck Firehouse

  3. Jay Tormey ‘66

    Saugatuck Firehouse

  4. Jonathan McClure

    Saugatuck Hose Co.

  5. Amy Schneider

    Saugatuck Hose Co. – Engine Co. 4 (Saugatuck Fire House.) Could it be the bell that was moved from the current Bridge Square location where the fire house originally stood?

  6. Believe it or not – you’re all wrong! It is NOT the bell at the Saugatuck firehouse!

    • Well, I did have a question mark next to my answer because it’s been quite a while since I had driven by it and I wasn’t sure if it looked quite right. As an alternative answer: possibly next to the former firehouse on Wilton Road that was transformed into a series of restaurants.

  7. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    I thought that I might be able to cheat. That didn’t work. I could tell even before enlarging the picture that West Troy, N.Y. was stamped on the Bell. Since I went to College in Troy N.Y. I did some research. The first Meneely Bell company was founded in west Troy, N.Y. in 1826 by Andrew Meneely. West Troy was later renamed Waterviliet, N.Y. Later other members of the family started Bell manufacturing. Wikipedia has listing of where the bells are located. None are listed in Westport. One was located at a Congregational Church in Bridgeport. So, is this a part of the back story?

  8. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Riverside Avenue

  9. Across the street from Da Pietro’s restaurant on Riverside Ave. at the entrance to an office building near the parking lot along the river.

  10. Correct, Lynn and Diane. VERY well done!