Photo Challenge #189

With a primary election coming up this Tuesday, I thought I was pretty clever with last week’s photo challenge.

Grover Fitch’s photos showed a bumper sticker for Lowell Weicker, and one for his A Connecticut Party party.

No, he’s not running for governor. But the bumper stickers are still around from 1990, when he won as an independent candidate. Today, the 1-term governor is best known for instituting a state income tax. (Click here for the photo, and more background info.)

Either everyone was away this week, hardly anyone has ever noticed the bumper stickers, or people just want to forget about Lowell Weicker. Only Alan Puklin knew where they are: on the back of a traffic sign on Cross Highway, on your left just past Roseville Road as you head east to North Avenue.

So it’s a toss-up: Bumper stickers may hang around as long as plastic straws and water bottles. They’re probably even more dangerous to your health.

This week’s photo challenge comes from Amy Schneider.  We’ve all seen these multi-colored kayaks: but where?

(Photos/Amy Schneider)

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8 responses to “Photo Challenge #189

  1. Next to the house on the point on Hillspoint across from#264. It’s the space for Blue Water residents to store their boats/kayaks.

  2. Longshore, near the sailing school?

  3. I am with Matt… these are the kayaks located on the seawall adjacent to the home on the point…

  4. Matt and Rich are correct. The kayaks are stored on the tiny “private” area reserved for Bluewater Hill residents. It’s next to the house on Hillspoint with the big stone wall, and the flagpole.

  5. Looks like kayaks at longshore

  6. Hillspoint between Compo Rd S and Compo Hill

  7. Hillspoint next to waterside home.

  8. Brooke Chamberlain

    “Kayaks at Lonshore waiting in the grass”