Take A Selfie With Sam And Betsy

For years, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty were packed away inside.

Now, the pair of Einsel kinetic sculptures — Walter’s tips his hat, and his eyes light up; his wife Naiad’s torch shines, and her heart pulsates — have been moved from the Westport Historical Society’s cobblestone barn, onto the Avery Place lawn.

The public is invited to take selfies with “Sam” and “Betsy.” (No, I don’t know why the Statue of Liberty bears Betsy Ross’ name — maybe it’s her flag dress?).

Photos can be posted to the statues’ Instagram account: Betsy_and_Sam. Each week, the WHS will give a prize from its gift shop for the funniest, most creative selfie.

Please respect Sam and Betsy. Don’t climb on them. After all, they were born in the 1800s.

One response to “Take A Selfie With Sam And Betsy

  1. I originally commissioned Miss Liberty and Uncle Sam as part of a miniature golf course that I envisioned for my backyard…which is why they were programmed to move when a golf ball was hit through the hole in the base. There were to be 9 figures in all, but only these two were completed before I realized what an overwhelming project it was…so I gave them to the Westport Historical Society, where they greeted visitors on the porch for many years. I never would have imagined they would have their own Instagram account, and I know it would have pleased Naiad and Walter Einsel…❤️

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