Westport Firefighter Battles Western Blaze

California’s wildfires are snagging all the headlines.

But other states face fires too.

They need help. And — just as the rest of the country sends aid when we’re battered by hurricanes or blizzards — Connecticut firefighters have headed west.

Deputy Chief Michael Kronick joined 18 other members of the CT Interstate Fire Crew. They traveled last month to Colorado, where thousands of acres burned in the Buttermilk and Green Mountain Fires.

Kronick returned home last night.

Deputy Fire Chief Michael Kronick, in Colorado.

Connecticut participates in a reciprocal aid program operated by the US Forest Service. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection maintains a roster of staff and personnel from local fire departments who are certified to fight wildfires.

Kronick — a member of the Connecticut Interstate Fire Crew since 2002 — has been deployed on 11 wildfires throughout North America. He’s a great representative of Westport’s superb Fire Department.

Westport — and Colorado — salute Deputy Fire Chief Michael Kronick!

Colorado wildfire


21 responses to “Westport Firefighter Battles Western Blaze

  1. Hats off for this hometown Hero! Hang in there,and God Bless.

  2. Jack Backiel

    We knew a Tom Kronick in the mid 1950s. He had kids, and might have lived on South Maple Avenue. His kids would be in their mid 60s by now. I wonder if it’s the same family.

    • Jack: Tom and Doris Kronick lived on Glenwood Lane off Maple Ave South. Michael is their grandson. His parents Richard Kronick and Jane Hartigan both Westport natives.

      • Jack Backiel

        Richard Kronick I definitely met, when he was real young. I think when his father would stop at our home at 56 North Maple Ave., he’d be with his father. I can picture Tom Kronick, like it was yesterday. My father and Tom were good friends. ( I remember him being called Tommy Kronick.) Hartigan is a familiar name. There was a Hartigan family that lived on North Maple Avenue in the mid 1950s. I’d love to know if that was the same family. They moved sometime in the 1950s, and sold the house to a family named Burge.

        • Jack:
          All of that rings true. The Hartigans I knew were from Treadwell Ave; probably all Westport Hartigans were related back then. I think Tommy Kronick’s mother lived at Old Road –probably close to 56 Maple Ave North.

    • I lived next to Glenwood Lane at 52 Maple Avenue South in 1983-1996. The Kronick’s house was demolished and replaced by a McMansion. Although I didn’t know them very well, I found the Kronicks to be quiet, pleasant neighbors.

      • Jack Backiel

        It’s sort of hard to believe, but in the 1940s and much of the 1950s, Westport was a sleepy blue collar town with a lot of farms. I can remember seeing tractors on the streets, and it was a town, as I once mentioned, where a fireman could live, in Westport, and raise four kids! In 1952, as a farmer, my father made $2,500 and lived in Westport.

  3. Geralyn Breig

    Welcome home, glad you have returned safely. Thank you for your service.

  4. Vanessa Bradford

    Congrats to the chief. My son is a firefighter for the Us forest service and is in his fifth season. This year fighting fires in Colorado, Northern California and now Oregon. Grueling and I do admire these guys!

  5. Caryl Beatus


  6. That’s great. Thank you, Chief Kronick.

  7. Sal Liccione

    Mike I am proud you off as others in Westport I am happy to no you and all off our great westport fire dept I hope Jim Marpe give the dept a 3rd firefighter I hope ms Kane and Jen tooker stand up for this

  8. Stephanie Bass

    Great to hear about people still acting in selfless, heroic ways. God bless.

  9. Having now witnessed two wildfires, my hat’s off to Deputy Chief Kronick and all of the crew members who battle these deadly blazes in very difficult conditions.

    Also, I believe that the son of lifelong Westporter Nancy Saipe, Matt, has recently been joining in the fight against these massive wildfires.

  10. Dorothy Abrams


    • Mary Maynard

      Thank you and welcome home. How truly brave to fight such horrifying fire. mmm

  11. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    Thank you for your service and we are so happy to hear that you are home safe.

  12. My wife and I were in southern Colorado in my hometown when the Spring Fire broke out in June. The fire came within 2-3 miles of my nephew’s place where we were staying. It burned 108,000 acres, 140 homes, and is the third worst fire in Colorado history. The firefighters, pilots, and fire teams were absolutely amazing. It was painful and frightening to watch “our” mountains on fire. Mother Nature’s rain finally came to help them put it out. I have a greater appreciation of the magnitude and force of wildfires now. Men and women like Mike came from all over the US to help. A special thanks to Mike for your dedication and service.

  13. Well Done Chief. Welcome home, and thank you as always for your service to our community as well.

  14. Sharon Paulsen

    What a wonderful post, Dan!

    Glad our east-coaster firefighter made it back home, safe and sound!

  15. Incredible bravery and courage!