Photo Challenge #184

“06880” readers circled around last week’s Photo Challenge.

Some thought Patricia McMahon’s image of 3 concrete pillars — framed by ivy — came from Compo Beach. (Click here for the photo.)

Others figured Burying Hill Beach or Cockenoe Island.

In fact, it was the former Positano’s. Before that, the restaurant was Cafe de la Plage (and others).

Always, it’s been on Hillspoint Road between Old Mill and Compo.

Elaine Marino finally got the right answer, at 9 p.m. Sunday. She added: “I presume they were put there to prevent patrons from parking on the grass behind Positano’s.”

I presume plenty of people will look for those pillars on their next beach walk.

This week’s Photo Challenge shows a spot many Westporters know. Others have never heard of it.

It’s well worth a visit. If you know where you’d go to see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #184

  1. Kristin Schneeman

    Natural Playground at Schine Preserve?

  2. trails by Earthplace?

  3. Peter Hirst

    Its the kind of stuff we used to build at Camp Mahackeno.

  4. Good job, Kristin – that’s it!

  5. Stan Skowronski

    Leonard Schine Preserve & Children’s Natural Playground

  6. Jonathan McClure

    Schine Preserve?

  7. Bill Coley

    Did anyone else notice that the “ivy” circling last week’s photo challenge looked suspiciously like bindweed, the bane of my gardening life!!

  8. Seth Goltzer

    I guess Earth Place

  9. Robert Mitchell

    How many people even know where the Preserve is? Right off the road that leads to the Bridgewater Associates parking lot. Who knew you can even drive in there?