Pic Of The Day #447

Full house at the Levitt Pavilion (Drone photo/Dave Curtis, HDFA Photography.com)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #447

  1. Spectacular. And I understand it was perfect weather.

  2. Let me start off by saying that I love the Levitt. I’ve attended many events there over the years. It’s a spectacular setting with a lot of terrific shows. The recent renovation is first rate. The one issue I have is the way they deal with crowds during paid events. I understand their need to sell as many tickets as possible but squeezing in the number of people they do in a completely chaotic fashion is frustrating, unpleasant, unsafe and has caused me and many of our friends from attending any more. Even when we have showed up as soon as the doors open, somehow there are already so many people there who have staked out their space. Forget bringing a table or some food to share – there just simply is not enough space. I had suggested a few ways to make this more orderly and civil to the Director but that went no where. During the occasions when I’ve attended and the crowds are overwhelming, I’ve found that I want to be less neighborly and accommodating to others in an effort to make space for my friends – that shouldn’t be. The Levitt is simply selling too many tickets and/or hasn’t executed an effective system for managing the crowds.

  3. what a perfect picture!

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