Pics Of The Day #442

Cooling off at Sherwood Mill Pond … (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

… and at the Compo Beach fireworks.

(Compo Beach photos/Richard Wiese)

8 responses to “Pics Of The Day #442

  1. Joan Kennedy


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  2. Great shots of happiness.

  3. Roberta Tager


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  4. Robin Marcino

    Wonderful Photos Dan… pure summertime joy!

  5. Don Bergmann

    Love especially the photograph of the kids “cooling off” at Sherwood Mill Pond. That is a favorite location of mine.
    Don Bergmann

  6. Bruce Erickson

    When I was a little kid going to Saugatuck Elementary School we used to go swimming in The Old Mill Pond at the same spot jumping off and diving off the same walk way.

  7. Looks like boys have all the fun! I didn’t know you could dive from there! And I’m glad my daughters didn’t know – or maybe they just never told me.