Parks & Rec To The Rescue!

Did you like this morning’s “06880” about the Spectacularly Entitled Westporters who reserved a prime spot in the shaded pavilion for tonight’s fireworks by taking over 2 tables with tarps — and slamming rocks down on them, for good measure?

Neither did the Parks and Recreation Department.

The rules are pretty clear: No reserving picnic tables.

That’s true every day. But especially the biggest day of the year.

And really especially when the heat and humidity hit 100.

So Parks & Rec swung into action.

Here was the same scene a few minutes ago:

(Photo/Jeff Seaver)

The Parks & Rec crew were last Wednesday’s Unsung Heroes.

After today, we should name the award for them permanently.

17 responses to “Parks & Rec To The Rescue!

  1. India Penney

    Excellent! Now let’s chat with them about the enormous compounds being created on the sand that take up more space than they need and are left empty until late afternoon/early evening.

  2. Linda Amos

    Good! Justice at last!

  3. Alexis D. Senoski


  4. David Fiore

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the beach reserved seating. Same thing happens at resort hotels – people go down to the pool at 7:00 am, put their towels on a half dozen chairs, then show up at 3:00 in the afternoon – if at all.

    The problem is, allowing this causes a dilemma for those of us that would prefer to not or can’t show up at 5:00 to get a place for a 9:15 event, or in the morning as has become the custom, but would like to have a place to sit. Because it is obnoxious. It is my view that Park & Rec does have options other than what we have now.

    At a well known film festival in Europe, the organizers now don’t allow any seat saving – so if you want 4 seats in the main piazza for the 9:30 movie, you have to have 4 people there – and they don’t allow any form of cheating. If you want reserved seats, they can be had rather easily, but you have to pay for them. The more you pay, the better the reserved seat. This system does work rather well – the only problem there is that all of the general admission, non-reserved seats are behind the reserved seats. So not a very progressive system.

    Maybe Parks & Rec could rope off a section of the beach for folks that are willing to pay for reserved seating. You can even reserve how much of the beach you want, within reason, its just a question of the cost. They could still leave open a large area of the highest quality locations for people not willing or unable to pay. Then, maybe our real estate taxes can go down a smidgen and it could still be fair and progressive. Something at least to think about.

    PS. Shakespeare in the Park and St. John the Divine’s Winter Solstice Concert both provide reserved seating for a price – and these events seem to work fabulously.

  5. Bonnie Bradley

    Bravo! Actually would have guessed that Parks & Rec would have been too “politically correct” to take such decisive action. Glad to see some gumption on the side of fairness. Enjoy the fireworks Westport!

  6. Luke Garvey

    Yay! Smite!

  7. Amy Schneider


  8. Marcia Falk

    Good Work Dan ! Fairness prevails….now if we can only have a remedy for the thoughtless drivers who refuse to park within the lines….what a thoughtful town we could be.

  9. Dan Roberti

    Thank you Parks & Rec! Seriously, as someone who frequently watches from those tables, thank you!

  10. Mark Doran

    Thank you Parks & Rec for enforcing the rules.

    Now, please use your new dogs to chase the Canadian geese onto the spots that people reserved with their chairs/blankets, so that those people come back to a nice surprise.

  11. Jo Ann Davidson

    Thank you Parks and Rec!

  12. Bob Weingarten

    Parks and Rec should bill those table hogs for the extra time they needed to remove the items on the table.

  13. J.W. Kaempfer

    They must have been Trupistas!

  14. Julie Fatherley

    Thank you Parks and Rec…..sadly your time was wasted when it should
    not have been the case but these individuals are like the Canadian Geese
    who also feel entitled all over town. Hope others who did not RESERVE could still find acceptable viewing spots for tonight’s event. Julie Fatherley

  15. Jim Bartley

    Good Job – Dan & Parks & Rec. Selfish and privledged people need to identified, challenged and hopefully embarrassed.

  16. I agree with Jim completely. Let’s publish the names(photos?) of these entitled people. We commoners would love to learn more about the royalty that lives within our midst.