Pics Of The Day #437

The Compo Beach entrance road, in the wake of this afternoon’s thunderstorm … (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

… and the scene around the corner, at the Sherwood Mill Pond. (Photo/Matt Murray)

6 responses to “Pics Of The Day #437

  1. Bonnie Bradley

    REALLY? Amazing – I can’t even make sense of “Compo Beach entrance road” in this configuration. What vista are we seeing? Where is photographer standing? Absolutely bizarre! Never seen “Compo Beach” totally flooded like that in the sixty years (and hurricanes, etc.) of living there.

    • Bonnie, I couldn’t quite make sense of “Compo Beach entrance road” either and I’ve lived here a long time too (not sixty years though!) And thanks, Matt for the spectacular photos, so serene, and also for the explanation. Makes sense now.

  2. It’s looking west adjacent to the ball field fence. The skate park is ahead in the distance.

  3. The “guardhouse” has been moved from the entrance (near the volleyball courts/former Chubby’s concession stand) to midway up the entrance road (sort of opposite the lifeguard shed/first aid station). There are two lanes of traffic in: one for beach stickers, the other to purchase daily passes. That allows less of a backup on Compo Beach Road, and a dedicated turning lane to leave for people who for whatever reason cannot or will not pay the daily rate.

  4. K .F. Spearen

    Wonderful photos .. Thanks for sharing Dan

  5. Bonnie Bradley

    Thanks for the clarification, Dan. I hadn’t considered the sheer scope of the changes which have been made, especially to the entrance road. Wow! I’m still astonished to see that entire area was covered by water… Wondering if it was tidal or accumulated, trapped rain water. Still, have the feeling if such an event had ever happened before it would be sort of common knowledge.
    Another reason to look forward to the 06880 party: seeing Compo swim into the 21st Century.