Pic Of The Day #435

The beautiful Levitt Pavilion Riverwalk — trashed, because someone just had to be a jerk (Photo/Doris Ghitelman)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #435

  1. Seth Goltzer

    I guess you’re not sensitive enough to realize that it is an Urnan Art Installation, reflecting the intersection of modern life with Nature….
    Or a piece of Garbage…..

  2. Seth Goltzer

    Supposed to say “Urban”. , so much for auto spell.
    PS , one of the most lovely places in a town that needs to be respected and taken care of.!
    Thanks for posting the offense!

  3. Nancy Hunter

    It’s just a hummingbird feeder. Wait and see.

  4. Susan Iseman

    I walk there often and notice there’s also a dog that leaves similar installations…

  5. In the Time of Trump, we have to be very vigilant.