Kids Around The World Enjoy Westport Playgrounds

Compo Beach is home to Westport’s biggest and best known playground. It’s jammed in summer — and well used the rest of the year too.

But it’s not the only one in town.

Every elementary school has a playground too. They’re used at recess, sure — but after schools and weekends as well.

Playground aficionados will be delighted to know that this year, both Kings Highway and Saugatuck Elementary raised funds for new playgrounds. They’ll be installed before schools begins next fall.

One element of the new Kings Highway Elementary School playground.

They’re ADA compliant (of course!). Also (of course!) they use recycled content, and are made to high environmental health standards.

The new playgrounds are “designed for social interaction and cooperative play,” says Lauren Turner, a Kings Highway parent involved in the project.

They include interactive climbing blocks, slides, spinning elements, quiet areas and more. All elements provide “physical, emotional and intellectual stimulation.” Play is (of course!) a key to children’s development.

But what happens to an old playground?

Kings Highway 2nd graders enjoy their “old” playground …

Kings Highway and Saugatuck El have partnered with Kids Around the World. The organization helps children and families affected by war, poverty, illness and natural disasters.

The 2 schools’ current playgrounds will be donated to a third world country, where such things are luxuries.

Turner is glad that youngsters there too will be able to play — and grow.

She hopes this project helps Westport kids understand the impact they can have on other children’s lives, around the globe.

… and so do 5th graders.

KHS and SES are reinforcing that message through a few programs. Youngsters will write letters to be sent with the old playground. Turner hopes this leads to a pen-pal program.

Kings Highway Principal Lou DiBella will open the library once a week in July and August, so children can write journals about the playground.

And on July 21, all of Westport is invited to help break down the old playgrounds. Kids Around the World will refurbish it, then ship it overseas.

You don’t have to be a Kings Highway family to help. Just click here.

Then — if you’re a kid — stop staring at this screen.

Go outside and play!

2 responses to “Kids Around The World Enjoy Westport Playgrounds

  1. Jeff Giannone

    I would love to see some of these “adventure” playgrounds from Britain and Europe built around here. Unfortunately we are probably to over-protective and litigious to try.

  2. This brings back memories of being at Kings Highway as they planned to build The Structure between Kings Highway and Bedford in 1983ish. That was, in my memory, the greatest playground ever.