Pic Of The Day #426

Waiting for the Compo Beach showers (Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #426

  1. Thanks Dan!!

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    • Tom Knowles

      Lets say for argument sake 1/2 of this little flock is female. Then starting in 3 years they will be producing 30-50 eggs a year for a number of years! Can’t we stop then at the Canadian Boarder…just kidding…bring on the Boarder Collies please!

      • These are Connecticut geese. They have never seen Canada. The adults are wearing leg bands that I probably put on them at Sherwood Island.

  2. Wanda Tedesco

    That picture might be funny if the whole beach was not being pooped on. How can anyone let their children play on the grass!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh, now that’s pretty cute!

    The poop is a problem with these guys though.

    I heard that a farmer in middle CT put up a 2-D cutout of a wolf (basically a big sign in the shape of a goose predator, 2-sided printed) on their property, and the geese stopped hanging out there.

    Hey, worth a shot at the beach, aye? 😉

    • Jack Krayson

      Paper cut-outs were tried at Longshore more than 10 years ago,,,No Luck. The geese laughed them off.

  4. Cool picture. My brother posted a similar series on his Facebook wall.

    I’ve heard that chicken farmers will put a thin string of wire around their farm to keep eagles away. I don’t know if it works with geese but it might be an inexpensive solution worth testing.


  5. Terry Anzalone

    The dogs are coming…thank goodness for those children playing on the grass at Beach Camp and in the sand!!!