Photo Challenge #181

I thought I knew my “06880” readers.

But you know Westport better than I know you.

Five minutes after I posted last week’s photo challenge — one I thought was particularly tough — Andrew Colabella emailed with the correct answer.

David Sampson, Matt Murray, Morley Boyd, Rob Hauck and Arline Gertzoff soon followed.

Then came Michael Calise, Mary Cookman Schmerker, Seth Goltzer, Amelie  Babkie and Jaimie Dockray.

All knew that Susan Iseman’s shot showed the flower boxes outside the “Mill Building” on Richmondville Avenue. (Click here to see the photo.)

Built in 1814, the Richmondville Manufacturing Company was run by 4 generations of the Lees family. (That’s why it’s Lees Pond, Dam and Lane, not Lee’s.)

They manufactured tinsel ribbon cords, fringes, ribbons, boucle, seine and cotton twines, candlewick and cords. It was powered by a millrace diversion of the Saugatuck River.

Today the handsome brick building — similar to those in many New England towns — has been repurposed as offices.

Richmondville — off Main Street, just around the corner from the (sigh) former Crossroads Ace Hardware — may be a little out of sight.

Clearly though, it’s not out of Westporters’ minds.

This week’s photo challenge shows one of my favorite hidden gems of Westport. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Ken Palumbo)

18 responses to “Photo Challenge #181

  1. Hillspoint Road down by the beach Japanese looking home on the right-hand side going towards compo old Mill

  2. On lower Hillspoint Road across from the Sherwood Mill Pond. Adjacent to Lamplight Lane.

  3. Rich and Matt: if it is that house—and I do remember it—what is that large object adjacent to the lion? It just doesn’t look familiar to me (which is why I wonder if this is located elsewhere). Thanks.

  4. You’re right, Fred. It is located elsewhere.

  5. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Entrance to Longshore.

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    Male Foo Dog

  7. Also, a bit of Westport history/trivia: that house Rich and Matt are referring to I’m pretty sure was the weekend or summer home of “Howie the Horse” Samuels in the early 1970s. So maybe it’s some kind of racing icon related to his one-time claim to fame (if the house is the locale of this photo).

  8. I just did google street view of the house on Hillspoint. Bzzzzt both Rich and I are wrong.

  9. Correct, Matt: You are wrong. Lynn Untermeyer is right: It’s the entrance to Longshore. But the little lion is hidden, behind the big globe that you see from South Compo.

  10. Seth Braunstein

    Home on Hillspoint near the Mill Pond

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  11. These little foo dogs are behind the big balls at the top of the columns that flank the entrance to Longshore

  12. Terry Sauer

    Dan posted photos of them back in 2014.

  13. Tammy Barry

    Behind the balls flanking the entrance to Longshore. Would love to know the history behind them!

  14. I knew straight away. Would love to know the story. I seem to remember Dan wrote a story about them… am I wrong? Were they placed there when the Pearl was an Asian restaurant? They are glued down so there for keeps.