Have You Seen These Guys?

We’ve all passed by Longshore — thousands of times.

But how often do we notice the twin globes flanking the entrance?

Longshore entrance

And if we do, have we ever noticed the tiny little guys hidden behind each globe?

I sure hadn’t.

Look closely at the photo above.

Here’s a closer view, from another angle:

Longshore entrance

There must be a story about this, somewhere. If you know it, click “Comments” below.

8 responses to “Have You Seen These Guys?

  1. Need a front photo of each to determine ID, but does look like Foo Dogs.
    If Foo Dogs:
    Male has paw on an earth globe.
    Female has paw on a cub.
    It is believed:
    Evil spirits will not enter because dogs (and the folks inside) are in sync with God’s first instructions to Adam and Eve that the male is in charge of the planet and the female the family.


    • Tom,
      Thanks for the explanation, they may indeed be foo dogs, something that prior to this I was totally unaware of. But, given my performance on the links at Longshore, the few times I have played since I first noticed them, I question their effectiveness. I was the person who passed along to Dan the pictures and apologize for not getting a shot from the front. But, keep in mind that to get the “up close” required that I climb onto the stone wall and my dear wife, who was biting her nails as I took shots, wisely refused to let me crawl up onto the pillar for that much needed up close shot. Now if we can find out who put them there.

  2. Ellen Wentworth

    Another place to put on my bucket list and don’t think I haven’t passed by a million times!

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless,
    but necessary all the same.” – Gunter Grass

    n.w. Staples ’76

  4. I first noticed the FooDogs about 5 years ago- They are glued down so they were put there for a purpose. Perhaps some Asian connection with Splash. They use to be quite red.

  5. Jay Gatsby’s ghost at work.