Remembering Perrin Delorey

Jeffrey Brill — president of Westport Baseball and Softball — sent this very sad statement tonight:

As many of you in the Little League community learned today, Perrin Delorey, a 10-year-old Westport Little League player, passed away tragically following a car accident on Sunday afternoon after visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Perrin passed with his Little League glove beside him. I will always remember him, as he appears in this photo after receiving a game ball this Spring season on May 5.

Perrin Delorey

On behalf of Westport Little League, we offer our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the Delorey family and friends.

I am sending this note not only as the President of Westport Little League Baseball and Softball, but also as a coach of his AA team, the Cubs. I have gotten to know Perrin very well over the years while coaching him in baseball, basketball and soccer.

Wearing #5 on the Cubs this season, Perrin embodied the ethos and spirit of Little League. He exuded the team player concept and was committed to working hard to help his team.

Awarding him a game ball earlier in the season, and seeing his face in the moment, was a highlight of the coaches’ and players’ season. He was the most improved player on the team this season, and a joy to coach. My co-coaches and his prior coaches all echo this sentiment. He will deeply missed by his teammates, coaches and friends.

This news hits the Westport Little League community especially hard in these circumstances. Perrin’s first cousin, Phillip Sullivan, plays on the AA Brewers team and his grandfather, Bill Ryan, is a longtime friend and supporter of Westport Little League. Please join me in supporting the Delorey, Ryan and Sullivan families during this incredibly difficult time.

RWestport Little League intends to honor Perrin in a number of ways that we will be announcing and we will share different ways you can honor his memory.

When Perrin’s mother mentioned to me that Perrin would miss the Cubs playoff game this past Saturday, I promised her that Perrin would play another game with the Cubs after Saturday — no matter what happened this past Saturday on the field as a function of the double elimination nature of the playoffs — and reassured her that he should not miss out on a trip with his family and a visit to Cooperstown.

While the latter was certainly true about spending precious time with his family, I could not have been more wrong about the former, as events off the baseball field dictated the tragic course of events.

If we can take anything away from this senseless tragedy, it is that life can be transient and fragile, and one should relish every moment with one’s loved ones on the field and off the field.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Perrin’s family and friends.

17 responses to “Remembering Perrin Delorey

  1. Elizabeth Thibault

    Our hearts ache for the Delorey family. James, Angela, and Perrin all epitomize the very best about Westport. They are always warm, welcoming, and engaging to all they meet, whether it was at school or at an event. We enjoyed seeing them at all our Cub Scouts pack meetings, where the kids would play and we could catch up on the latest news. They always have a kind word for each of the children, as they would earn their Cub Scout badges. Perrin especially would make sure other children were included and would participate with enthusiasm. We are so sorry for this tragedy and extend our deepest sympathies to James, Angela, and their families.

    • Fred Cantor

      Elizabeth, I share your sentiments—as my wife and I used to live just down the street from James, Angela, and Perrin; and they were all such wonderful neighbors. This is one of the most upsetting pieces of news I have had in a long, long time.

  2. Adam Schwartz

    A report from the NY State Troopers say the occupants of the front seats were wearing their seatbelts and are in stable condition. Perrin was in the backseat by himself and he was not wearing his seatbelt. How tragic! Godspeed Perrin…

  3. Paloma Bima

    There is another Angel in Heaven tonight.
    May you look after your parents and give them strength to survive the pain of your loss.

    Pia, Paul and Paloma

  4. Jonathan Greenfield

    The letter from Greens Farms Elementary School came as an utter shock and devastation to our family, as well as our neighbors. I didn’t know Perrin myself, but watched him grow and be the light of his parent’s eyes on Facebook through the years. I first met James playing hockey with and against him a number of times in recent years. And recently became acquainted with Angela who sometimes strolled through the neighborhood with her sister. From my interactions it was always clear that these are special people who gave so much to each other and to those around them. And that is very clear in Jeffrey Brills beautiful letter. — I’m not sure how we as a community help them move forward from this tragedy. They are experiencing our collective worst nightmare, and need us all. — Tomorrow my kids will be back in school, and learn of this. Many questions will have to be answered, but that is slight in comparison to what James, Angela and their extended family must face in the days ahead. — Thank you Dan for sharing Jeffrey Brills letter. And for creating a space where thoughts, questions and just a loss for words can coexist.

  5. Dorothy Abrams

    Losing a child is, I think, one of life’s hardest challenges. May many wonderful memories, in time, soften the grief of Perrin’s family.

  6. Michael Gordon

    Thank you Jeff for writing a beautiful letter, and thank you Dan for publishing it. Our family is heartbroken and sending lots of love to the Delorey / Sullivan / Ryan family. We will honor Perrin’s life and memory with the rest of Little League at the appropriate time.

  7. Daniel, Amanda, and Gabriela Horowitz

    Our deepest condolences to the Delorey family. We are grieving for your loss.

  8. Daisy Seaborne

    Perrin was one of our closest friends and will be forever remembered in our hearts.

  9. Danielle Dobin

    Perrin was sweet, creative and a really good friend to his buddies. When our younger son joined the Boy Scouts, Perrin was an attentive, welcoming guide to all things scouting. He always made sure that everyone felt included and welcome, as did his wonderful parents. Perrin told the best stories – he was very, very funny. He was also very kind to absolutely everyone. Angela & James should feel very proud to have raised such a terrific little boy who brought so much light into the lives of the people around him. We will all miss him.

  10. Any young death is tragic and heartbreaking, but when it’s one of your locals and in this case a child and grandchild of a family you grow up with it makes you stop in your tracks. I met Perrin a few times and he was a great young man. His parents and Grandparents are SUPER PEOPLE who make Westport the place you want to live. Our hearts are broken for you. Please know our love and thoughts are with you.

  11. Linda and Steve Stein

    After a late night call from our daughter Rebecca, a classmate of Angela’s, telling us about the accident and Perrin’s death- words that made any sense didn’t come to us- just tears. We pray for Angela and James to heal. We pray for Kathy and Bill to somehow stay strong after the loss of a grandchild. Our hearts are broken. As our Rabbis say after the death of loved ones- May Perrin’s memory be a blessing to all who knew and loved him. Linda and Steve Stein

  12. God bless this young man’s family. I’ve raised three boys myself and can’t imagine living with something like this. All of our hearts go out to these neighbors.

  13. Hi Evan

    I deleted the comment. But I love this piece. It would be perfect to run on Father’s Day – without any reference to Perrin Delorey. What do you think? – Dan

  14. Susan Hopkins

    So very sorry.

  15. David Johnson

    I know James and Perrin through Boy Scouts and Ice Hockey. I’m so sad and literally sick over this news. Truly devastating. James used to send me pictures of Perrin out on the ice with his teammates. The proudest of fathers. Sticks out on the front porch for Humboldt and now Perrin.