Pic Of The Day #421

The Kowalsky farm in Greens Farms — the last big open private space in Westport? (Photo/Nico Eisenberger)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #421

  1. Linda (Pomerantz) Novis

    Beautiful picture of a beautiful place!
    (So glad it still looks the same ..:-)

  2. Jack Backiel

    For decades, I looked out of my bedroom window, at 114 South Morningside Dr. and that was my view!

  3. Tom Kashetta

    There is one other big private space in Westport. Belta’s farm on the top of Bayberry lane. Twenty six acres. The town should buy it and keep it as open space…..

  4. Kelley Spearen

    What a Beautiful Pic , and such a Wonderful place .. I always took my late Mother on Sunday rides , such as the beach , longshore , mainstreet etc . She also enjoyed going trough our wonderful windy backgrounds , while enjoying the beautiful homes , and properties . Sometimes I would take her for a Carvel Ice Cream , and we would park on the side of the road and watch the animals .. At one point they had Goats , Sheep , and Lama’s that would come to the fence so you could feed them or pet them ..
    (( Our Town Needs To Buy this . It’s a Treasure ))

  5. Beautiful picture looks so Peaceful….#PeacefulValleyFarm