Staples Names New Football Coach

The Coach P era is over.

Today, Staples welcomes Coach T.

Phil Treglia is the high school’s new football coach. He succeeds Marce Petroccio, who in 25 years brought a moribund program to state renown.

Petroccio resigned in January to become head coach at Trumbull High School, his alma mater.

Treglia was recommended enthusiastically by a search committee of administrators, teachers, coaches and parents. Most recently he was offensive coordinator at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains. With a quarterback who threw for 30 touchdowns last fall, the Crusaders won the New York AAA Catholic state and league championships.

Phil Treglia

Before Stepinac, Treglia spent 5 seasons as head coach at the Hackley School. When he took over, the small private school in Tarrytown, New York had 18 players. He more than doubled that number, to 42, and added a junior varsity program.

In 2012 the team won the Fairchester League championship, the school’s first football title since 1971. The next year they went 8-0. In 2015 Hackley was named the #1 small school program by MSG.

Treglia went to Hackley from Woodlands High School in Hawthorne, New York, his first head coaching job. The Falcons reached the league championship in 2010, and Treglia was named Coach of the Year.

He started his coaching career as offensive coordinator at Iona Prep High School in New Rochelle.

Treglia takes pride in growing programs, celebrating every player’s accomplishments, and creating a family atmosphere.

In addition to football, he is currently head junior varsity basketball coach at Bronxville High School, head junior varsity baseball coach at Scarsdale High School, and assistant varsity track and field coach at Iona Prep.

His day job is guidance counselor. He has a bachelor of science degree from the State University of New York at Cortland, with a major in business economics and a minor in international business, and a masters of school counseling from Mercy College.

8 responses to “Staples Names New Football Coach

  1. As exciting as it is to have a new football coach, I am surprised parents so vehement about the SCIENCE of sleep over the weekend are silent about the SCIENCE of CTE.

    We know that football causes brain injury. It’s science.

    Seems more serious to me than a a little fatigue. Where’s the screaming?

  2. Tom Sterline

    First off, GREAT hire.

    Second, Mark…it takes a little bit of common sense over here. OK, so that study is a single study done of the brains of NFL players who died and who’s family’s suspected CTE. So……not Fairfield County student athletes.

    The collisions in the NFL and the collisions in the FCIAC are just a tad different. It’s apples to oranges.

    The life lessons and skills you learn through playing football, are well worth the risk in my opinion.

    My son would not be where he is if it weren’t for Coach P and Staples Football. I am sure Coach Treglia will continue this profound impact.

    Let’s not tear down an important sport to further your agenda Mark. If you don’t want your kids to play football, don’t let them.

    But don’t diminish this group of seniors who work their tails off for the sport they love.


  3. Mark Lassoff

    Tom, I think you’re minimizing the damage done to the brain in football– And research is showing even youth football is tied to CTE:

    I am a product of Staples Sports as well. I don’t at all doubt the value of being an athlete. And while he was after my era, I’m certain Coach P– and the new coach– are great guys. I am certainly not diminishing any seniors (Not sure how you reached that conclusion– but ok…) I still remember things– and practice things– I learned from my Staples coaches.

    And if not wanting kids to turn their brains in to scrambled eggs is an “agenda”, then I’ll accept that accusation all day long, Tom.

    But, I am seeing an irony here– There is actually significantly more scientific evidence as to the fact that football causes CTE and that CTE can be deadly– than the sleep issue discussed over the weekend.

    People were screaming “SCIENCE” to defend adjusting the school day (which, ironically, would adversely effect sports). The reactions would have you think we were slaves to science and that there could be no controversy because “Science recommends…”

    Here we have a different situation, where the science is approaching conclusive– but we choose to ignore it. (Some of us anyway). Football causes brain damage. It’s a sad fact. It’s one we need to come to grips with.

    Maybe we should ask those same physicians who recommend a later start to the school day if they’d let their children play football. What do you say?

  4. Kelly Arciola

    Let’s just be excited for these kids who have been without a football coach! As a parent of two boys who played for Coach P at Staples I’m super excited for the season to start. We will miss Coach P, but congratulations to Coach Treglia. I wish nothing but the best for him and for the Staples Wreckers! Their super fans will be cheering for them all the way!

  5. A slight correction. My sons went to Woodlands High School. It is in Hartsdale, New York, not Hawthorne. I wouldn’t allow them to play football.

  6. Sal Liccione

    I agree with jelly my cousin played for staples football let give him a chance

  7. Sal Liccione

    I mean kelly sorry

  8. We forget the top student from Staples who was an
    All-State end and went to Yale. He had several concussions at Staples and had one more playing Freshman Football at Yale.
    The result — no more football and damage to his ability to learn.
    My grandson had a concussion in 8th grade travel football and another in 9th grade. His parents said no more football so he switched to volley ball and loved it. He graduated from college Phi Beta Kappa in math. There is life outside of football.