Staples Students Create A Market

Staples High School students take a heavy course load. Local graduation requirements are even more onerous than state ones.

Yet our teenagers also participate in clubs; play music and sports; act; volunteer in the community, and hold jobs.

Somehow, some of them even find time to create jewelry, clothing, artwork, greeting cards and more.

This Saturday (June 9, 12 noon to 4 p.m., Bedford Square), the public gets a chance to see some of their most creative work.

And buy it.

Hillary O’Neill creates and sells terrariums through her company, Pebbles + Posies.

The Westport Youth Commission is sponsoring the 2nd annual  Student Creation Market.

Here’s some of what you’ll find among the dozen businesses:

  • Hillary O’Neill’s unique, hand-made terrariums (Pebbles + Posies)
  • Zoe Barnett and Kai Dasbach’s beaded and woven necklaces, rings and bracelets
  • Kayla Bilotti and Tabby Burke’s hand-painted jeans jackets

Two alumnae from last year’s market are back too:

  • Channing Smith’s custom college logowear
  • Marta Clanton’s custom crochet products.

There’s entertainment too. It’s a special event — one day only.

Because when it’s over, our teenagers go back to work.

Hannah Roseme will sell her jewelry at the Student Creation Market.

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