Thank YOU To A Class Crossroads Act

(Photo/Jamie Walsh)

As Ace Crossroads Hardware prepares to close for the last time, AJ Izzo, Janet Lane Horelick and Jimmy Izzo hoisted this sign.

It’s a typically classy, community-oriented gesture.

Of course, we should be the ones thanking them. For 27 years, the Main Street place has been more than a “helpful hardware store.”

It’s been the “Cheers” of retail. Everyone knew our name.

And it’s been our community center.

A big little piece of Westport is ending.

Thank you, Crossroads Hardware!

28 responses to “Thank YOU To A Class Crossroads Act

  1. Fred Hyman

    Good luck AJ (RED) Izzo. Knew you when you had hair! Will miss the store.

    Fred Hyman

  2. Jarret Liotta

    Since he’s got time now, Jim might make a good 1st Selectman for next round! 😉

  3. Jarret Liotta

    Since he’s got extra time now, Jim might make a good 1st Selectman in the next draft … 😉

  4. Jack Backiel

    I have a question. There are two people there with the last name of Izzo. How are they related to Butch Izzo, if they are related to Butch Izzo. I’m just curious.

  5. Robert Fatherley


  6. Helen Ranholm

    Butch Izzo and Red Izzo are brothers. They were a family of thirteen children. The family lived on Richmondville Avenue. Some of them still live there.

    • Jack Backiel

      Thanks for the clarification. My guess is Butch is maybe 75 years old now.

  7. Lynn Fraund

    I’m going to miss these folks and the store! These people were always helpful and always so pleasant. THANK YOU for years of assistance and bright smiles!

  8. They will be missed. Always a pleasant place to shop. Always a friendly hello!

  9. Diane Silfen

    I hope you know how you will be missed!

  10. Kathy Gamcsik

    I made the “trek” from Norwalk to buy EVERYTHING from Crossroads. Actually, I was in there in April where they helped me find a suitable screening to keep the birds from nesting under my deck. And I told them “that’s why I love this place, you always find the perfect solution.” So sad that it is closin! When Crossroads first opened, I purchased two blue beach chairs from them, which cost a bit more than what was out at the discount stores… and I’m STILL using them, almost 30 years later! Enjoy your time away from retail, you’ve earned a well-deserved rest!

  11. Donna ODonnell

    Love you Jimmy, AJ and Janet!

  12. Good Timing Jimmy, Just in time for summer, Enjoy & Good Luck with whatever you’ve got in the pipeline, May it bring you as much fun, friendship and success as the last 2 decades work has .. 🙂

  13. Peter Barlow

    I will always remember Crossroads Hardware because they carried half-pint cans of orange enamel when no other stores did. I needed the orange color to mix into some other colors for a unique shade.

  14. Willie Salmond

    Remember great advice about a woodpecker drilling holes in my front porch. We’ll miss you guys. Go well and good luck.

  15. Great team shopping there since 1996 till this week

    Good luck we will miss you


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  16. Sandra Lefkowitz

    The Lefkowitz family will miss you all- Thank you for being true community helpers not just a retail business.

  17. Donald Jacobs

    They will all be missed!

  18. Kelley Spearen

    Crossroads Hardware was the Best . Our Town lost another locally owned Mom & Pop store due to the Big Box stores and the internet . What are people going to do now when they need advice , or help with fixing a item ? Crossroads Hardware always provided Top Class service , and had a list of people who could provide your service needs if needed .. I’ve been shopping there sense they opened the door .. Its been a Pleasure doing business with you Jimmy & A.J ..

  19. Jimmy, Red, Janet – greetings from SF. Congratulations on a great run and thanks for your service to the Westport community!

  20. Stephen Rubin

    Thank you guys. You came to our rescue many times. Y’all made Westport what it was.
    Toni and Steve Rubin
    32 years in Westport
    and now in Charleston
    May your future be Blessed

  21. Ed Perrault

    27 years ago, Jimmy opened Crossroads Hardware right around the corner from my house. For 27 years they’ve been my first stop whenever I needed a tool, paint, advice, or just a laugh. When they didn’t have something I needed, they would immediately order it for me or send me off to one of their competitors (they always seemed to know who had what). I found my electrician and my plumber through them. AJ helped me design my kitchen. Joe helped me restore an antique motorcycle. I’m now the proud owner of the sign shown in the picture – it hangs in a place of honor in my garage, just in front of the boxes where I keep the hardware I’ve purchased form Crossroads over the years. I’ll miss you guys and I hope (and expect) that you will find success in whatever comes next.

  22. Red enjoy your retirement I always enjoyed seeing you when I visited my son in Westport you may remember me as the guy from Colorado Joe

  23. Sharon Paulsen

    Hear Hear for a great run, to an exceptional team!

    Enjoy “retirement”!

  24. Jean and Dan Murdoch

    Will miss you guys…best hardware store with small town feeling.
    Best of luck.

  25. Shirley Freifeld

    Just read that u r closing. It makes me very sad. Everyone was friendly & professional & had all of the answers to my questions I wish all of you the best
    Shirley Freifeld

  26. So sad to see you go!!! I bought my very first beach chair there when I came to town in 1986! Haha. And anytime I was in, it was nothing but a great experience!! Best of everything to all, and you will be missed!!

  27. Jennie Pickering

    I was moving a twin mattress and box spring to NYC with a friend in the late 90s, and the mattresses came off my roof on I-95! we hauled them to the side and I went and got my local hardware shop guys to give me a hand securing them to the roof – thanks guys- you will be missed ! Janet, will miss you- thanks for all the help with the Tack Room boots!! Jennie